Food Paradise: Pot Pie

From a chock-full-of-chicken pie on Cape Cod and a manly Aussie meat pie in Georgia to a rib-sticking steak pie in Chicago, get a hearty helping of these comfort foods.
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Food Paradise: Pot Pie

Straight out of the oven, the pies are laid out on cooling racks at Pot Pie Paradise and Deli in Hayward, CA.

Pot Pie Paradise and Deli

Locals flock to Pot Pie Paradise and Deli, a cozy little pot pie shop, to gobble up more than 500 of the savory sensations a week!

Pleasant House Bakery in Chicago

The savory filling provided by Pleasant House Bakery in Chicago is sealed inside a pot of pastry, baked to a golden brown.

Classic Chicken Pot Pie

If you're not in the mood for something exotic, Pot Pie Paradise and Deli also offers up the classic chicken pot pie.

Lobster Pot Pie

Located in Kennebunk, ME, the most sought-after of all the lobster-laden delights on Academe's menu is its famous pot pie.

Royal Pies

Chicago’s Pleasant House Bakery treats customers to flaky, buttery “Royal Pies.” These British-inspired, hearty dishes live up to their title; each is made by hand using the best meats (the owners butcher their own meat!) and quality produce (many of the vegetables used are grown in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood).

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

The bowl at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company is overloaded with freakishly large, whole button mushrooms, and drowned in a rich red sauce.

Round-Abouts Restaurant

Mother-and-son pot pie impresarios Nate and Bev Kellison opened Round-Abouts Restaurant in 2010, introducing the city of Lincoln, NE, to their unique brand of pot pie: the “Round.”

Traveling Fare

The pies at Traveling Fare are so delicious that there's always a line of people waiting out the door. Even the mayor declared them the official pot pie of Marietta, GA.

Pot Pie Paradise and Deli

Another one of Pot Pie Paradise and Deli’s signature pies is the Indian-inspired chicken tikka masala.

Centerville Pie Company in Massachusetts

Centerville Pie Company in Massachusetts maintains a sweet, small-town ambiance with a vintage flair.

Academe’s Lobster Pot Pie

The waters here are overflowing with this succulent crustacean -- and so is Academe’s lobster pot pie.

Kennebunk Inn in Maine

No place serves up New England flavor better than Academe at the Kennebunk Inn in Maine.

Centerville Pie Company in Massachusetts

The best thing about the chicken pie at the Centerville Pie Company is the gravy and the crust, full of chicken and extra deliciousness.

Pleasant House Bakery

Kale, mushrooms and chicken balti curry are among the daily offerings at Pleasant House Bakery. But the king of the Royal Pies on the menu is the steak and ale.

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