Ghost Adventures Investigates Infamous Rhode Island Farmhouse

In a small town in Rhode Island, sits the infamous farmhouse that became legendary after serving as the basis for the hit film The Conjuring. But the true history of the home is even more terrifying than the film, so Ghost Adventures is set to lockdown at the Harrisville farmhouse this Halloween to investigate the haunting behind the curse.

October 29, 2019

The Rhode Island farmhouse where the Perron family once lived.

Earlier this year, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen became the home’s newest owners. Immediately, the two began experiencing mysterious phenomenon. They regularly hear footsteps and voices seemingly coming from nowhere, and have even communicated with entities on a spirit box…to which they’ve received clear, audible responses. This is eerily similar to the way the hauntings began for the Perron family, whose time in the house later became one of the most famous paranormal events of all time…

In 1971, the Perron family - Roger, Carolyn, and their five daughters – moved into the home to begin their new life. At first, the family noticed small things that seemed odd, but possibly explainable. The broom would seemingly go missing, there would be sounds of someone moving the kettle on the stove, and piles of dirt appeared in the kitchen shortly after it had been swept. With five daughters running around, Carolyn didn’t take much notice.

The Ghost Adventures crew prepare for their investigation.

It wasn’t until their daughters began claiming to see spirits that the Perron family got worried. From there, the hauntings ramped up. The heater would regularly break, forcing Roger to venture into the basement to fix it. While there, he’d feel a cold presence lurking behind him. The smell of something rotten would come and go throughout the house without any explanation, and beds even levitated off the floor as the daughters tried to sleep.

That’s when the Perron’s called in Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were two of New England’s most well-respected paranormal investigators. The Warrens began investigating the house and its past, and discovered a gruesome fact. In the 1800’s, a woman by the name of Bathsheba lived in the farmhouse and was believed to be involved in the death of a small child, and rumors at the time circulated that she practiced witchcraft.

The Warrens held a séance one evening with Roger and Carolyn in an attempt to contact Bathsheba. Carolyn started thrashing wildly and speaking in tongues. One of the daughters, Andrea, admitted in a recent interview that she was secretly watching the séance that night and confessed that her mother wasn’t just speaking in tongues, but that it was someone else’s voice entirely.

The barn where it's believed some of the poltergeist activity takes place.

After the séance, Roger became worried about his wife’s health and demanded the paranormal investigations come to an end. Finally, in 1980, nine years after the family had moved in, they managed to save up enough to leave the house forever.

Now, the team has been called in to investigate the home and this new wave of paranormal activity. Be sure to watch Ghost Adventures, Thursday, October 31 at 9|8c, as Zak Bagans and the team investigate the Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse. Follow the hunt on social media using @Ghostadventures and join the conversation with #Ghost Adventures.

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