Hair-Raising Moments From Ghost Adventures

Since 2008, the Ghost Adventures team has investigated some truly terrifying claims. While not every haunted house turns out to be haunted, there have been moments of paranormal activity recorded by the crew that could convince the staunchest non-believer.

August 26, 2021

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Here are a few of the most horrifying and persuasive events from the show:

The Doll Museum

“Can you see me, little girl?” Zak Bagans crouches in a dark room filled with dolls. The figures stare, eerie in their silence. That stillness is shattered when, as he continues to question the spirit, we see a doll topple to the floor, seemingly of its own volition.

Double Eagle Restaurant

Bagans, standing amidst vintage dining tables, directs his camera at a darkened window, querying “Is there someone in here?” The night vision catches a flicker of movement as an object outside knocks against the window before falling to the ground. On the porch, as Zak identifies what fell and entreats the apparition to recreate the event, a second mysterious item clatters onto the porch behind him.

Clown Motel

Clowns are already terrifying, and the Nevada Clown Motel takes that to the extreme. As Bagans interrogates a wall chocked full of clown figurines, the hand of a life-sized figurine stationed next to it moves off its lap. By itself, with no provocation, after staying stationary for the entire first half of the episode. No thank you.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

A cavernous swimming pool with a few puddles of water fills the screen. Mid-discussion, investigators hear something hit the cement floor. As the camera swings toward the sound, they discover a small rubber ball has been dropped into the empty pool. Shocked, investigators ask, “Little girl, can you move this ball?” As if in response, the ball slowly begins to roll through the standing water. Closer analysis of the clip revealed the ball had unexplainably emerged from the back room adjacent to the pool area.

Goldfield Hotel

A Poltergeist literally assaults Bagans as he recounts his interactions with a shadow figure. Standing in a hallway, talking to the camera, we watch as an invisible force picks up a rock ON SCREEN and launches it at Bagans’ leg.

Ghost Hunters Documentary

Bagans wanders through an empty hallway loudly proclaiming, “We hear you; we hear you and we don’t think that you’re a very nice spirit because you’re making noises, you’re throwing ****.” Moments later he enters an adjacent area and captures eye-popping footage of a large pillow launching itself inexplicably across the room.

Stone Lion Inn

While the team reviews a spirit box session the door to the so-called “nerve center” opens. A camera on the opposite side of the entry shows it as it creaks open of its own accord. The shocked team politely requests that whoever opened the door please close it. Seconds later the door forcefully shuts itself.

Holly Madison’s Hollywood Home

Holly Madison brought the team in to investigate ongoing claims of paranormal activity at her home. The team left cameras rolling at the house while she slept. Madison was alone, and none of the armed alarms registered anyone entering the home. And yet someone, or something, was recorded making loud banging and clattering noises on the first level floor.

At Madison’s castle-style home, Zak Bagans sits on the ground, observing a room. He mutters, “I saw something by the dresser”. At the same time, we see a dark, oblong shadow slide down the wall toward him.

Virginia City, NV

While investigating a building previously owned by the Knights of Pythias, Zak and Jay capture mind-blowing Electric Voice Phenomena. 11 DIFFERENT voices crackle through the recorder in quick succession, each increasingly more agitated.

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