Q&A: Ghost Adventures Crew Answer Your Questions!

The Ghost Adventures Crew answer your questions.
The Ghost Adventures Crew answers your questions, from Facebook and Twitter, on Zozo Demon, Island of the Dolls, Ireland’s Celtic Demons and more!
Was the Zozo house the creepiest location for you to be in and investigate?
"No. Although many strange unexplainable things were going on inside the house including bangs, footsteps, EVPs, putrid smells, all further validating that Darren and his wife weren’t playing up the Zozo story." – Zak Bagans
Zak, how did it feel to be possessed? Were you scared?
"I was more confused. It was a fight to get control of my body and my thoughts through the help of the exorcist; powerful and terrifying experience." - Zak Bagans
Would you go back to the island of the dolls again?
"I would love to go back -- that place is so creepy. I can't look at dolls the same after that island. Walking to the toy store, and I see the doll aisle, I just have flashbacks of the Island of Dolls. I would love to go back, and sit there and do as much as I could to see if another doll (or anything) does anything like it did on that lockdown." – Aaron Goodwin
How excited were you guys to investigate Leap Castle in Ireland?
"I didn’t investigate it. Nick and Billy did because we had the Hellfire Club and Stewards house as well. When I was there though, during the day, I loved it. I wanted to live there but felt a very dark presence there." – Zak Bagans
Does the Ireland episode top your list as the all-time best places to investigate?
"Yes. After going to where Halloween started, hunting the Hellfire Club and being touched … to playing cards with where the devil once played cards, was the top for me. It’s an all-time best/worst experience for me." – Aaron Goodwin
Have you ever needed to turn a lock down away or have you ever had to be let out early from a lockdown?
"Yes. Winchester House. (We) had to stop early due to feeling the exact moment of my grandmother’s death and almost turned down Oman House due to health dangers." – Zak Bagans
Was there ever a place that you have investigated, that you refuse to return to due to spirit activity?
"Bobby Mackey's." – Zak Bagans
How do you determine your haunted locations? How long do you have to wait to get in to some of these places?
"Zak and the researchers find the location. I like to learn about the location once I get there that way it's fresh in my head. Plus, learning it when I get there allows me to be in the moment." – Aaron Goodwin
Zak, what are your plans with the home you bought in Indiana?
"I am currently filming a feature length documentary on my investigation into the possessions of the family who lived there and of the house itself." – Zak Bagans
If there is one haunted place in the world that is forbidden for anyone to enter and you could go there, where would it be?
"“The White House." - GAC and "Bhangarh Fort in India." – Zak Bagans
What advice would u give to people looking to start their own (ghost adventures) group?
"Know what you're getting into. They probably will change your life in a good or in a bad way. Yourself is the best equipment." – Aaron Goodwin

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