Amargosa Opera House

Zak, Nick and Aaron battle a vicious spirit that is intensely hostile to men.
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Aaron, Zak and Nick arrive at Amargosa Opera House.

Zak shares the stage with dancer Sandy Scheller.

Zak practices his steps near the Amargosa Opera House stage.

Nick films Zak at the site of a former borax mine.

Death Valley Junction, CA is a remote location where the living population is vastly outnumbered by ghosts.

Zak interviews an employee at the front desk of the hotel.

Aaron, Zak and Nick pose outside the front entrance of the Amargosa Opera House.

One of the guest rooms at the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel.

Zak interviews workers at Amargosa's on-site cafe.

The guys have a snack and discuss plans for the lockdown.

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