Bird Cage Theater

Ghost Adventures investigate Bird Cage Theater, where they challenge the souls of gunslingers, gamblers and prostitutes.
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Zak learns about one of the "tainted angels" of the Bird Cage Theater.

Nick investigates near the poker tables.

Photographs of the "soiled doves" at the Bird Cage Theater.

Aaron looks around the saloon.

A Bird Cage employee shows Zak a photograph.

The Black Moriah, Tombstone's horse-drawn hearse.

A view of main street Tombstone.

The crew explores an abandoned silver mine.

Zak inside Brunkow's silver mine.

Zak provokes spirits using a gun as a trigger object.

Zak and Nick hear voices while sitting at the poker table.

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Bird Cage Theater's Haunted History

Ghost Adventures investigate the Bird Cage Theater, a former saloon and brothel infamous for murder and mayhem, in Virginia City, NV.