23 Creepy Hotels Visited by the Ghost Adventures Crew

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Ghost Adventures Crew

From the infamous Stanley Hotel, to the aptly named Clown Motel, the Ghost Adventures crew has never shied away from a spooky — or even dangerous — hotel. Do you dare follow in their footsteps and book a stay at one of the country’s creepiest hotels? Choose wisely, you never know which (former) guests may be lurking the halls.

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo., inspired Stephen King to pen his classic novel, The Shining.

Jerome Grand Hotel

Residents of Jerome, Ariz., and those who visit the Jerome Grand Hotel, come away with inexplicable tales of specters and other phenomena. The Ghost Adventures crew visited Jerome to mollify the community's angry ghosts.

Wolf Creek Inn

The crew posed outside of the historic Wolf Creek Inn in Oregon, a historic building riddled with aggressive negative energy, apparitions and a vampire-like creature.

Jack London Room

Jack London, who regularly visited the famed Wolf Creek Inn, has a room named after him — a room that guests say he never truly left. Those who've stayed here have claim to have felt his presence.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Zak, Nick and Aaron enter into a multi-part lockdown in Old Town San Diego to investigate the raucous spirits from its infamous parties, dating back almost two centuries ago. The Cosmopolitan Hotel is a historic building in the district that was originally a grand residence built by Juan Bandini.

Hotel Leger

The crew headed to Mokelumne Hill, Calif, to investigate one of the state's oldest operating hotels, the Hotel Leger. A devastating fire and the town's violent history has left a dark presence in the historic building that threatens the safety of employees and guests.

Basement Presence

The basement in the Hotel Leger shows some of the highest paranormal activity in the building. Something here growls at employees and has been known to pull hair and make its presence known in intimidating ways.

National Hotel

The crew investigated the historic National Hotel in Nevada City, Calif., site of many paranormal events as well as the 2007 suicide of a local drug dealer during a police raid. Things got eerie when Aaron discovered a door spontaneously unlock and open.

Site of Suicide at the National Hotel

The suicide of the local drug dealer in 2007 took place in this bedroom at the National Hotel. Attempting contact with such a new a spirit was a first for the Ghost Adventures crew.

Brookdale Lodge

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the infamous Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, Calif., in search of notorious spirits lingering around the building. With the help of Zak's dog, Gracie, the guys hope to contact the spirit of a 6-year-old little girl who drowned in the indoor water feature.

Stained Glass Ceiling

Daylight streams in through the damaged stained glass ceiling at the Brookdale Lodge.

Baker Hotel

Zak, Nick and Aaron traveled to tiny Mineral Wells, Texas, to determine if the town's "crazy water" has led to the Baker Hotel becoming infested with ghosts. During the lockdown, Zak turned aggressive after a shadow figure disappears into him.

Black Swan Inn

Zak, Nick and Aaron headed to San Antonio, Texas, to investigate the 150-year-old Black Swan Inn, built on top of an old battlegrounds. The guys watched in awe as they witnessed a spirit utter a secret word known only to the owner and her dead mom.

St. James Hotel

The guys traveled to the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, which once hosted Wild West legends like Jesse James and Buffalo Bill Cody.

Room 18 at St. James Hotel

At the St. James Hotel, Aaron locked himself inside Room 18, a room so haunted the hotel padlocks it shut from the public

Magnolia Hotel

Zak and the crew headed to Seguin, Texas, to investigate the Magnolia Hotel. William Faust stayed in the hotel before murdering his wife at a nearby home, and his former room is the center of the hotel’s paranormal activity. Seven people have claimed to have been attacked by Faust in the room.

Plaza Hotel

The Ghost Adventures crew visited the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where an aggressive spirit is said to be targeting women.

Haunted Room 310

Room 310 in the Historic Plaza Hotel was once the office for the hotel owner, who is rumored to still haunt the old building.

Clown Motel

Ghost Adventures headed to Tonopah, Nev., where Zak lived his nightmare. He faced his intense fear of clowns as he investigated the Clown Motel.

Paranormal Activity

Named because of the huge assortment of clown paraphernalia, The Clown Motel has experienced unusually high amounts of paranormal activity. A housekeeper, Andrea Selig, said she has experienced extreme anxiety in all of the motel's rooms before and has seen doors shut by themselves.

Fairmont Hotel

The Ghost Adventures investigated the Fairmont Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota, where the owner believes a dark spirit caused him to have a heart attack.

Lava Hot Springs Inn

The crew traveled to Idaho to visit the Lava Hot Springs Inn, a former sanatorium turned hotel.

Haunted Mineral Baths

Once used to treat soldiers suffering from nightmarish effects, the mineral baths at Lava Hot Springs Inn act as a conductor for paranormal activity.

De Soto Hotel

The Ghost Adventures crew made a stop in El Paso, Texas, to investigate the De Soto Hotel.

Satanic Worship in the Basement

The team learned about Satanic worship that takes place in the basement of the De Soto Hotel.

Hotel Metlen

The Ghost Adventures crew went to Dillon, Mont., to investigate the Hotel Metlen, a building ripe with death, poltergeists and possession.

Spirits in the Bar?

The Hotel Metlen's only resident, Bailey Murphy, is also the bar manager. While DJing one busy night at the bar, he was overcome by a dark cloud, only to find all of the bar's patrons had disappeared when it lifted.

Stone Lion Inn

The Ghost Adventures crew investigated the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Okla., where it is said owner Becky Luker summons spirits as part of murder mystery shows in a local cemetary.

Embalming Table

The Stone Lion Inn was built in 1907 by F.E. Houghton. During a period of eight years when his family fell on hard times, the house came under the management of a local undertaker who used the space as a mortuary.

Mizpah Hotel

The crew witnesses an inoperable elevator spontaneously open and close its doors at the morbid Mizpah Hotel in Tonapah, Nev.

Jackson House Hotel

Zak and the crew traveled to the small mining town of Eureka, Nev., to visit the Jackson House Hotel, home to spirits that have haunted many guests and employees.

Spooky Suite

The entrance to the Jackson Suite, which is by far the most haunted room of the Jackson House Hotel. The owner, Kim Hicks, says many guests ask to switch rooms to escape the hauntings of the Jackson Suite.

The Copper Queen

The Copper Queen is Arizona's longest, continuously operating hotel. It's been open since 1902 and has become the home of many spirits.

Oliver House

While in Bisbee to visit the Copper Queen Hotel, Zak, Nick and Aaron also investigate the Oliver House, where a dark energy surrounds spirts. The trio heard horrifying screams at the Oliver House, and then Nick saw a curtain spontaneously move at the Copper Queen Hotel.

Riviera Hotel and Casino

The crew visit this legendary hotel and casino in their hometown of Las Vegas.

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