Edinburgh Vaults

Ghost Adventures investigate Edinburgh Vaults, home to the spirits of playful children and the nasty "Mr. Boots."
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Aaron stands next to a grave in Greyfriars, which is believed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

Edinburgh Castle sits atop Castle hill, a location chosen to make the fortress highly defendable from attack.

Nick and Zak check out Greyfriars cemetery before they go underground to the Edinburgh Vaults for the lockdown.

Aaron stands in front of the entrance to the tombs in Greyfriars cemetery.

Canons line the top of Edinburgh Castle, which overlooks the city.

Nick films Zak on the South Bridge, which townspeople believe to be just as cursed as the vaults below.

Nick poses with a traditional bagpiper.

Zak interviews an eyewitness who has experienced the paranormal activity in the vaults.

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