Ghost Adventures: Excalibur Nightclub Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Chicago for a 2-night, 2-location lockdown. They investigate reports of a sinister spirit at a popular nightclub and apparitions in a notorious burial ground.
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Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Zak’s hometown of Chicago, IL, to investigate the Excalibur Nightclub and Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

The crew learns of a number of strange paranormal events that have occurred at the Excalibur Nightclub. Patrons have reported feeling someone’s hands push them down the stairs and over a railing, and nightclub employees have seen an apparition of a little girl wandering the halls.

Located 30 minutes outside Chicago, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is known as one of the most haunted burial grounds in the United States.

Zak brings Nick and Aaron to his old high school in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Zak, Nick and Aaron conduct an interview in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and learn about the famous photo of a female apparition sitting on a headstone.

Zak, Nick and Aaron shoot outside the Excalibur Nightclub.

A view of the bar inside the Excalibur Nightclub, where patrons have reported feeling as though they were being pushed down the stairs.

Zak, Nick and Aaron stop near a small stream in the woods surrounding Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Rumor has it that the area was used as a dumping ground for the bodies of Al Capone’s victims.

Zak and Nick conduct an interview with magician Neil Tobin, who performs a one-man show called Supernatural Chicago at the Excalibur Nightclub.

Zak, Nick and Aaron pose in front of a gravestone at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Aaron and Nick explore the city of Chicago during a protest.

Zak and Aaron take a break outside a flower shop.

Aaron takes a break inside the Excalibur Nightclub.

While in Illinois, Zak pays a visit to his childhood home in Glen Ellyn.

Zak, Nick and Aaron are ready for their lockdown in the woods surrounding Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

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