Former Psychiatric Hospital

Ghost Adventures investigate a former NJ psychiatric hospital, where Nick relates to the dead while locked in the morgue.
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This former psychiatric hospital in New Jersey was built in the late 1890s on 325 remote acres.

The hospital was shut down in the 1970s, the massive complex left to decay.

Graffitied messages cover the decaying walls of the abandoned psychiatric hospital.

The old morgue where deceased patients were taken to await burial.

The team must wear masks in the old buildings due to the thick dust and asbestos.

Aaron navigates the dark tunnels that go on for miles underneath the complex.

The ghost of a nurse is said to wander these halls at night.

Nick takes a breather by an old hospital gurney.

The walls are so low Aaron has to duck as he walks through the tunnels.

The abandoned hospital is left in disarray with dilapidated furniture.

The narrow tunnels, the low ceilings and doors, and the thick dust make this one of the most challenging investigations.

Zak takes a seat in a wheelchair that has been left in the basement.

There have been numerous accounts of unexplained noises and apparitions in the decrepit tunnels.

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