Fort Chaffee

Zak, Nick and Aaron report for duty to uncover the truth about a haunted military prison.
Episode: Fort Chaffee
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Zak readies the plan of attack on a map of Fort Chaffee.

Broken glass and fence wire are familiar sights at this complex that once housed German POWs and hostile Cuban refugees.

Nick lines up his camera to shoot video inside Fort Chaffee.

An abandoned military barracks at Fort Chaffee.

The guys discuss plans for the Fort Chaffee lockdown.

The massive Fort Chaffee complex is dotted with dilapidated wooden buildings.

This creepy hallway will be even more intimidating at night.

A candid shot catches Zak and Nick in contemplation.

The guts of this wooden barracks structure are exposed.

Aaron sets up a stationary camera for the Fort Chaffee lockdown.

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