Ghost Adventures: Hotel Leger

Zak and the crew head to Mokelumne Hill, CA, to investigate one of the state's oldest operating hotels. A devastating fire and the town's violent history has left a dark presence in the historic building that threatens the safety of employees and guests.

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What Happened in Room 7?

The Léger Hotel has had a haunted reputation ever since its previous owner, George Léger, was found dead in Room 7 in 1879. Furniture moves on its own here, and people have seen apparitions, not all of which are friendly.

Hotel Léger

After gold was discovered in Mokelumne Hill in the 1850s, a boomtown exploded here. This town was as rough as any Old West town. For 17 consecutive weeks in 1851 there was a murder every Saturday night. During one week alone, five people were killed.

Stories of Hotel Léger

Aaron Goodwin has a look of disbelief as he is told the history of the Hotel Leger.

Hotel Léger's Fiery Past

George Léger was a Frenchman who came to town during the Gold Rush. He opened the Hotel de France on this spot in 1851. The original bar, which features a stained-glass back bar, reportedly came around Cape Horn and has been in continuous use since the hotel began. The original structure was a wood-framed tent. In 1854, a fire swept through town, burning much of the hotel. With such high-demand for a nice hotel, it was quickly rebuilt using better construction materials.

George Léger's Former Bedroom

George Léger's former bedroom inside the hotel. Patrons claim to smell cigar smoke coming from his room. Chairs have been moved and peoples' shoes have mysteriously moved from one side of the bed to the other.

Ghosts Among Us?

Spirits of little children as well as a woman in a white dress have been seen by investigators and patrons inside the Hotel Léger.

Basement Activity

The hotel basement is one of the more active places at this iconic location. Something is growling at employees. This entity has been known to pull hair and make its presence known in intimidating ways. It's possible this entity made its way in through the old tunnel system.

Tunnels Within Hotel Léger

There are a series of tunnels located in the basement of the Hotel Léger. The hotel served as a courthouse, post office, gambling house, saloon and hotel. The tunnels were believed to be used to allow customers to travel across the street to the brothel without being seen. Others claimed the tunnels were for ferrying Chinese workers or for hiding gold. No matter the reason, the tunnels are real.

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