Ghost Adventures: A Haunting in Scottsdale

Zak and the crew investigate an Arizona home sitting on land once occupied by a Native American tribe. The owner claims he's been affected by a dark, aggressive energy and believes an ancient entity is haunting his property.

Ghost Adventures Crew

We are here to help a homeowner find peace in his home, or possibly conclude that he is better off elsewhere.

Beginning the Investigation

The homeowner has only lived here for eight months, but has been attacked multiple times by forces he cannot see.

The Home

We suspect that the house, although built only 12 years ago, is home to not only Todd, but to centuries-old unseen entities.

Sonoran Desert

The area surrounding Pinnacle Peak was used until the mid-1400s by the Hohokam Indians for hunting and food gathering. Around 1450, the Hohokam mysteriously disappeared from the region.

Surrounding Area

After the Hohokam mysteriously disappeared, all that was left were the ruins of some of their structures and petroglyphs. Perhaps they knew something about this land: that living here may be dangerous.

History of the Land

The Hohokam are considered one of the four major cultures of Southwestern archaeology. They are considered the original builders of the canal system around Phoenix, Arizona.

Dark Presence

Living in this house changes you; it puts you in a dark, dangerous place, which is why his roommate moved out after only six months.

Angry Spirit

Many who come into this home report feeling anger and rage that they have never felt before. Krys, a previous tenant, says she feels much happier and safer after moving out.

Prayers for Help

Recently, the homeowner looked at himself in the mirror, saw something he couldn't identify and became enraged. He then went searching for an exorcism prayer and tried to say it by himself.

Unseen Forces

When trying to sage his house, Todd was thrown across the room by an unseen force. Simultaneously, a rider on horseback fell in front of the house as a huge gust of wind blew throughout the area.

Disrupted Sleep

Todd often feels like he is being held down on the bed while he sleeps. One night, after shouting God's name, the pushing stopped.

The Garage

The garage of the home is said to have dark, primal and overbearing energy that attaches itself to anyone who enters.

All-New Investigation

There's something going on here in the Sonora Desert. It may be centuries old, but it's here. Some dark force is hurting Todd in his house and sending him into a dark place.

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