Ghost Adventures: Albion Castle

Zak Bagans and the crew are in San Francisco to investigate a mysterious castle built on top of sacred caverns said to be haunted by a female apparition. The current owners claim to be plagued by paranormal activity in almost every corner of the property.

November 01, 2019

Time for Albion Castle

The Ghost Adventures crew head to San Francisco to visit the home and former Albion Porter & Ale Brewery now simply Albion Castle. The new owners say they’ve seen the apparition of a female, and the paranormal activity has recently turned physical.

Drawn to the Paranormal

The owners of Albion Castle previously owned the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, California, where Zak Bagans and the crew investigated 7 years ago.

Ghost in the Tunnel

Jennifer Gilbert, owner of Albion Castle for 6 years, reveals that her daughter Gerelyn had an encounter with a mysterious female spirit in one of the three tunnels beneath the castle. In addition, Glibert's younger daughter also confirms seeing the same female spirit.

Mysterious Female Entity

Multiple witnesses describe the presence of a woman with long brown hair in the building, on the grounds and in the tunnels below the building. Who was this woman and what's keeping her here?

A Former Brewery

Built in 1870, the former Albion Porter & Ale Brewery thrived in San Francisco, supplying over 800 saloons in the city until Prohibition shut down the brewery in 1919. Under the castle exists two stone cisterns that yield 8,000-10,000 gallons of spring water a day. Post Prohibition, the brewery turned into the Albion Water Company. Since 1947, the property has changed ownership countless times.

Spirits in the Tunnels

It's here in this tunnel, where Gerelyn came face to face with the female entity for the second time.

Natural Springs

Albion Castle is located within Hunter's Point, also home to the decommissioned Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Hunter's Point is on Native American land, where the Ohlone people lived for 10,000 years protecting this "sacred" water source that's believed to contain healing properties.

Possible Curse

Could this haunting be tied to a curse that dates back three centuries to when the Spanish pushed the Ohlone off their own land?

Sacred Spot

A short distance behind Albion Castle rest sacred Ohlone shellmounds. These mounds were used as both ceremonial sites and burial grounds. According to local news site KQED, there were once more than 425 shellmounds in the area.

Spookiest Sleepover Ever

Gerelyn recalls throwing a birthday party at the castle, followed by a sleepover. At the same time, all of the guests woke up to a cold gust of wind and the sight of a woman standing over their beds.

Seeing Spirits

Another spooky instance occurred when a contractor called the owner to let her know he was outside and ready for their meeting. He believed he saw her standing in the upstairs window, but when he called her, she said she wasn't home.

A Haunting Is Brewing

Along with stonework and fresh water flowing beneath its grounds — which is thought to fuel paranormal energy — this place has all of the ingredients of a haunting.

Killer Views

There’s so much beauty at this rustic castle, but it’s plagued by something truly terrifying. Will Zak and the crew be able to find answers?

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