Ghost Adventures: Astoria Underground

Zak and the crew begin their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific in Astoria, Oregon, where they explore the port city's infamous Shanghai tunnels and uncover a series of misfortunes connected the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Astoria Underground

You’ve waited long enough, Ghost Adventures fans. Our chilling 4-part series, Graveyard of the Pacific, is finally here.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Graveyard of the Pacific, a perilous nautical region in the PNW, has claimed thousands of ships and countless lives.


Now, the crew is traveling to surrounding towns hoping to uncover even more mystery. As the fog rolls in, so do the spirits.

Haunted Town

Astoria, Ore. is the oldest European settlement in the Pacific Northwest. It may also be the most haunted.

Exploring Astoria

When a 1922 fire completely destroyed downtown Astoria, they rebuilt the city about 15 feet higher to move it further above the rising tide of the Pacific and the rushing waters of the Columbia River. That rebuild created a massive underground complex full of hidden alleys, streets and rooms.

The "Wickedest City"

And just a century ago, Astoria was called the "wickedest city in the world - worse than New Orleans" because so many able-bodied men were shanghaied right off the streets.

Liberty Theatre

Several entities are said to haunt the majestic Liberty Theatre, but the bigger story is what lies beneath.

Spirited Site

The theatre was built in 1926 on the site of the former Weinhard-Astoria Hotel.

Enjoy the Show

Have a seat and enjoy the show — if you dare. People believe the theatre is haunted by several entities. There are two men who wear top hats seen near the elevator, and mysterious voices have been heard.

Inside the Theatre

Another look inside the Liberty Theatre.

Elegant Features

It’s beautiful inside and out, but beneath the surface level of its' beauty lies an underground of death and mystery.

Reel Fun

Old film reels can still be found throughout the Liberty. Now all the spirits are missing is some popcorn and some people to scare.

Ross Allison

Zak speaks with a local paranormal investigator named Ross Allison about his experiences in the Astoria Underground.

Witnesses Speak Out

Ross tells Zak about some of the harrowing experiences he's had in the Astoria underground beneath the Liberty Theater.

Gulley’s Butcher Shop

There’s another entrance to the underground inside Gulley’s Butcher Shop. Many of the buildings in Astoria don’t even know there’s a hidden city right below them.

Diana Gulley

Zak and Aaron speak with Diana Gulley, the owner of the butcher shop.

Butcher Shop Entrance

Diana's establishment also has an entrance to the Astoria underground, and the guys can't wait to see even more of this intricate tunnel system.

The Basement

Employees are afraid to enter the deepest bowels of the Liberty because they fear what’s waiting down here in the dark.

Enter the Underground

The underground below the Liberty Theatre is massive. It’s the size of almost two square city blocks. It’s easy to get turned around and lost down here.

The Underground

The underground would terrify even the bravest of souls.

Scared Yet?

You can never know what's lurking around each and every corner.

Paranormal Activity

It's teeming with paranormal activity that has left the locals hesitant to even enter.

Inside the Tunnels

You might want to leave the lights on.

Inside the Tunnels

Make sure you don't get lost...

All-New Investigation

Don't miss the premiere of Astoria Underground, Oct. 6 at 9|8c.

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