Ghost Adventures: Battle of Los Angeles Pictures

The guys investigate Fort MacArthur, site of the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles. After psychics discover a spiritual portal in the fort’s tunnels, can the guys summon the spirits of former soldiers?
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Zak Bagans films the exterior of Fort MacArthur, a former military base that’s now a museum in Southern California.

Built in 1914, this coastal defense battery was put to the test after Pearl Harbor, when many feared that the Japanese would continue their invasion past Hawaii and onto California.

Zak and Aaron discuss the investigation between filming shots.

There has been much speculation surrounding the mysterious activity at Fort MacArthur, from paranormal investigators claiming to have made contact with a soldier to locals suggesting that there’s UFO activity in the area.

Zak films 2 interview subjects outside the fort.

An old electrical room inside Fort MacArthur.

Aaron listens to a recording that Jay captured, while Zak and a witness to the paranormal activity at the fort wait to hear what was caught on tape.

On the night of February 25th, 1942, 4 batteries along the coast fired close to 1,500 rounds of ammunition at what was believed to be a Japanese air invasion. Originally reported as a false alarm, some speculate that it was an extraterrestrial invasion.

Zak, Aaron, Nick, Jay and Billy film on the road outside the fort.

An Army Jeep sits outside the gate to Fort MacArthur.

The fort today is a museum, but some parts of the historic establishment are overgrown and defaced with graffiti.

While looking into the history of the fort, the GAC learn the story of a man who, in 2009, hiked 2.5 miles up the rocky coastline with a shotgun to commit suicide at the fort’s entrance.

During the investigation, the guys learn about an amateur photographer who claims to have heard voices and seen lights in an extremely narrow transverse tunnel deep within the fortress.

Could Fort MacArthur be a gateway for spirits of former soldiers to use to enter the world of the living?

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