Ghost Adventures: Bell Witch Cave Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew makes history as the first paranormal TV show to investigate one of the most iconic ghost stories: the Bell Witch. Explore the Bell Witch Cave and its surrounding area
Episode: Bell Witch Cave
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Interview With Writer/Historian Dan Willoughby

Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin interview writer/historian Dan Willoughby, fourth great-grandson of a man who experienced the Bell Witch.

Headstone of John Bell

John Bell's headstone. The state of Tennessee officially declared his 1820 murder a supernatural event.

Ghost Adventures Crew With Robert Bell

The Ghost Adventures crew with Robert Bell, fifth great-grandson of John Bell.

Jay, Zak and Aaron on the Bell Property

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and their technician Jay stand outside on the Bell Witch property.

John Bell's Former Bedroom

John Bell's former bedroom inside the Bell Witch cabin.

Bell Witch Cabin

Exterior of the Bell Witch cabin.

Zak Bagans at the Bell Witch Cabin

Zak stands on the porch of the Bell Witch cabin.

Drewry Bell House

An exterior shot of the Drewry Bell house, which was once owned by John Bell’s son.

Walter Kirby, Owner of the Bell Witch Cabin

'Walter Kirby poses outside the cabin.'

The Bell Property

An expansive view of the Bell property.

In Memory of John Bell

'A shot of a memorial to John Bell.'

Enter At Your Own Risk

An "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign stands just before the entrance to the Bell Witch Cave.

Welcome to the Bell Witch Cave

'A shot of the interior of the Bell Witch Cave. Keywords

Bell Witch Cave

Inside the Bell Witch Cave, directly above an ancient Indian burial ground.

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