Ghost Adventures: Beneath the Bonanza

Zak and the crew investigate a saloon in Virginia City, Nevada, where staff are being violently attacked by an entity that inhabits the basement. A haunted artifact known as the Suicide Table may be responsible for the aggressive activity.

Welcome Back to Virginia City

The Bonanza Saloon building in Virginia City, Nevada, has served as the home of many different businesses since it was constructed in 1870. Employees have quit because of the dark paranormal activity upstairs and in the basement. People have been physically assaulted by unseen forces inside. Countless souls have come and gone through these doors over the last 150 years.

The Bonanza Saloon

With pounds of gold and silver leaving the earth each day in the 1860s, thousands of prospectors were drawn to the region from around the country. Soon, the silver began yielding millionaires as much as the gold, and the first industrial town of the Old West was born. This isn’t the first time the Ghost Adventures crew has investigated Virginia City, but every time is something new and dark.

Evil Entity

There's an evil entity inside this building that's been attacking women. Female visitors and employees have had their hair pulled, been chased through the building, had objects thrown at them and have been touched inappropriately.

Witness Reports

There are multiple witnesses who have experienced an actual apport inside the building. An apport is the technical term for an object that transfers from one location and materializes in another. Though uncommon, it can be a side effect of a haunting.

Dark Legend

There's a dark legend about an old Faro table on display inside the Bonanza. It's called the Suicide Table because three men have taken their own lives after losing big at this very game. It's been placed under Plexiglas to protect anyone from ever using it again.

Enter If You Dare

The entrance to the basement where the darkest energy is felt in the building. Past investigators have stated feeling like an entity attempted to enter their bodies.

Scared Yet?

Enter if you dare: This is the rediscovered crawl space in the basement. Employees have reported feeling sick or nauseous near this room.

Paranormal Activity

Chris Dulong is a current employee at Bonanza. She's had an entire tray of drinks and glasses lift up off a table and shatter to the ground. She watched a bucket of silverware get slammed to the ground by something she couldn’t see.

Previous Investigations

Doug Carnahan has been investigating the paranormal for over 35 years. He and his group were the first to investigate the Bonanza back in 2016. In the basement, Doug has felt an unseen force whack him in the back of his knees; it would have knocked him on the floor if he didn’t catch himself on a table. He's watched a black mist move in and out of rooms and witnessed a woman get knocked to the ground upstairs.

The Attic

This is the staircase leading up the attic. It was here that Doug witnessed a woman get pushed to the ground by something unseen.

The View

The rooftop of Bonanza boasts the "100-Mile View.”

Lockdown Time

Virginia City holds a special place in history as the first true industrial town — and one of the most haunted towns in America. Don’t miss the all-new lockdown this Thursday at 9|8c.

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