Ghost Adventures: Binion's Hotel and Casino

Zak and crew investigate two historic hotels inside an infamous Las Vegas casino with a dark and violent history. The long-abandoned hotels, sealed off and left frozen in time, have created a paranormal pressure cooker just waiting to explode.

Binion's Hotel and Casino

Binion’s is one of the oldest and most iconic casinos in Las Vegas, and from what employees have told us, it’s also the most haunted. Though the Binion family no longer owns or runs this casino, their influence still echoes through the corridors of the building, as does talk of murder, death and suicide.

Terrified Witnesses

Employees are afraid of parts of this huge complex of buildings. Voices have told them to get out, others have been grabbed or pushed, and some rooms make everyone uneasy... like Binion’s old secret penthouse suite.

Justin Gring

Zak prepares to interview Justin Gring, an employee at the casino.

The Kitchen

It was here in the old, unused kitchen that Justin has had several terrifying experiences.

Moving Shadows

About six years ago, he saw someone dart by in the reflection of the old stainless steel fridge. He placed his hand on the fridge and looked around the corner but didn’t see anyone. Then, he felt someone grab his arm hard. He could see his skin moving. He ran out of there petrified.

Shaken and Afraid

The experience has left Justin shaken and afraid of parts of the building.


"Caution" is always taken by the crew during their investigations, but a friendly reminder can't hurt.

Tim Lager

The current General Manager, Tim Lager, didn’t believed in ghosts before working here. On the day he started, the old GM gave him a walk through and handed him the keys then told him, "don’t be in your office late at night by yourself."

Brian Purdy

Brian Purdy and his paranormal investigative team are the only people Binion’s has allowed in to investigate. He’s been visiting since 2011. Brian, his wife and son were by the old Gee Joon Asian Restaurant on the second floor when Brian saw only the lower half of a man in black dress pants walk up to the glass. His son, who was around the corner, saw only the upper half of a man walking. There was no one in the restaurant. They darted into the old kitchen area, but found the place empty.

Room 1819

Room 1819 is one of the more paranormally-charged rooms at Binion’s.

Paranormal Activity

The current GM went in this room to look for a piece of furniture when a TV inexplicably turned on by itself. He left the room immediately.

Do Not Disturb

Nothing has been disturbing this area for quite some time now.

Haunting Renovations

Unlike other casinos, Benny Binion didn’t have high rollers or VIP sections, all were considered equal at Binion’s, and all could get themselves into deep debt and trouble. The casino recently started renovating their empty Apache Hotel and those renovations have intensified the paranormal activity. That’s why the GM called us for help.

Penthouse Suite

VIPs like Patsy Cline, Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, and Elvis Presley stayed in this penthouse, as did members of the Binion family.

Lockdown Time

The paranormal activity here is booming. Are you ready? The all-new episode premieres Saturday at 9|8c.

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