Ghost Adventures: Black Moon Manor Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron visit Greenfield, IN, to investigate Black Moon Manor. Approximately 200 people have died in the house since it was turned into an infirmary after a smallpox outbreak in the 1800s.
Episode: Black Moon Manor
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Zak, Nick and Aaron pose outside the house.

Zak gives directions outside the Black Moon Manor.

The current owner of the house, Matt, has a list of the 200 people who supposedly died in the house from a smallpox outbreak in the 1800s.

Zak, Nick and Aaron interview Matt and his girlfriend, Jennifer, who recounts her experience being attacked by an unseen force inside the house.

Zak and Matt talk things over on the terrace of the Black Moon Manor.

Aaron and Nick film Zak interviewing a former resident of Black Moon Manor.

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the cemetery.

The grave of Dr. Harvey, the man who turned Black Moon Manor into an infirmary.

Aaron outside the Black Moon Manor.

Jay, a member of the film crew, checks his bag inside the house.

Zak, Nick and Aaron stop to take a pose outside the house.

This 150-year-old manor sits in the dense woods of the Buck Creek forest.

Zak talks to Matt outside the house.

Zak, Nick and Aaron plan the lockdown.

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