Ghost Adventures: Cape Disappointment

Zak and the crew conclude their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific with a visit to Washington, where they explore a lighthouse that bore witness to some of the most tragic shipwrecks on the Pacific Coast.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The final stop on our tour of the graveyard of the Pacific: Cape Disappointment.

North Head Lighthouse

The North Head Lighthouse located just outside Astoria, Ore. has a long, tragic history.

Water and Death

Almost 100 lives have been lost in the shadow of the North Head Lighthouse. To put it quite simply, the crew is surrounded by water and death.

Tragic History

Though this beacon is here to warn ships, it wasn’t enough to help everyone. Dozens of people have died nearby in these waters since the lighthouse was first lit in 1898.

Mary's Story

One of the most tragic stories involves Mary Pesonen, the wife of the first lighthouse keeper, who fell to her death right over that cliff. Though it was ruled a suicide, some still have their doubts.

The Grounds

Today, the keeper’s house and assistant keeper’s house — just 50 yards from the lighthouse — are both haunted.

Keeper's Quarters

Witnesses have heard loud voices in the middle of the night in the keeper's quarters, and many believe it's the former lighthouse keeper's wife, Mary, who still roams the grounds.

Preparing for the Investigation

There have been 20 shipwrecks along these shores and by the tip of Cape Disappointment.

True Graveyard

The North Head Lighthouse looms in the distance in the area known as the graveyard of the Pacific. In other cemeteries and bone yards, you die somewhere else and your remains are brought to rest inside. This graveyard... kills.

Surrounding Beauty

The surrounding scenery near the North Head Lighthouse is stunning, but don't let the beauty fool you.

Inside the Quarters

Inside the keeper’s quarters, you can feel the years of history and death in the air.


The building remains furnished for guests. Dare to spend the night?

Master Suite

One of the other keeper’s quarters’ bedrooms.

Lingering Spirits

Mary’s ghost has been seen haunting the grounds, lighthouse and houses.

Haunted House

Several of the buildings located on the property have had reports of hauntings. A man in uniform was seen in the rain many years ago, and in the keeper's quarters, people have heard loud voices in the middle of the night.

Dark Location

Death seems to follow this place like a shadow, and the crew must take extreme caution during this harrowing investigation.

Inside the Lighthouse

If you're afraid of heights, climbing to the top of the lighthouse might not be the activity for you.

Journey to the Top

You're almost at the top.

Take Caution

Watch your step because you'll have little room for error as you make that climb. Scary, but not in a ghostly way... yet.


The view from the top has to be seen to be believed.

Light the Way

Still lighting the way — this lighthouse really is breathtaking.

Take a Hike

The surrounding area adds to the ominous feeling one gets while walking the grounds. It's like you can feel the souls of all the departed sailors who never got to the shore in life, but felt compelled to make it there in death.

Dead Man’s Hollow

The beach at the bottom of the North Head Lighthouse cliffs have seen plenty of death throughout the years. Dead Man’s Hollow earned its name in 1853 when a ship called the Vandalia wrecked nearby killing 9 people. Their bodies washed up on shore right in this small inlet.

Jeff Davis Interview

Zak interviews a local historian named Jeff Davis on the muddy shores next to the lighthouse. He knows the area well, and can hopefully shed some light on what could be attracting all the paranormal activity to this area.

Lockdown Time

We close the book on the graveyard of the Pacific, Saturday at 9|8c.

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