Ghost Adventures: Central Unit Prison Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the recently-closed Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, TX, to be the first and only investigators to document the spirits of its violent former inmates.
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The guys have a laugh while filming inside Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, TX.

The 112-year-old Central Unit Prison is the first prison in Texas to be shut down without being replaced.

Zak films on a field outside the prison walls.

The prison had been shut down just 6 months before the crew showed up to film there.

Aaron films Zak’s interview with the father of a former inmate.

Zak interviews Jim Willett, director of the Texas Prison Museum.

The bathroom inside the prison.

The guys film outside on the prison grounds.

With only a couple of stories to help guide the investigation and even fewer firsthand accounts of what happened inside the prison, the guys refer to this lockdown as a "blind location,” hoping to uncover facts that no one else has discovered.

This electric chair -- Old Sparky -- sits untouched in the Texas Prison Museum. It executed 361 prisoners between the years 1924 and 1964.

The guys first learn about the history of the prison from historian Bruce Kelly, who provides the backstory of the plantation that stood on the land in the 1800s before the prison was built.

This bell from Central Unit Prison stands at the Texas Prison Museum.

Zak films outside Central Unit Prison.

Three cells lined up inside the prison.

Zak and Nick film a reenactment scene with a crew member.

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