Ghost Adventures: Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

Zak Bagans and the crew trek a treacherous cliffside trail to investigate a forgotten mining town in California, haunted by the lost souls of its former residents. Don't miss the all-new Ghost Adventures investigation this Saturday at 9|8c.

November 08, 2019

Welcome to Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

Saddle up, Ghost Adventures fans! We’re hitting the dirt road, heading to the remote former mining town of Cerro Gordo in California. The caretakers have asked us to investigate the entities that are lurking in town — especially at night.

Warning: Treacherous Road Ahead

Cerro Gordo translates to “Fat Hill.” It’s a ghost town nestled 8,500 feet above sea level in the Inyo Mountains of California near Death Valley. You’ll need a vehicle with four-wheel drive to handle the treacherous drive up through the mountains.

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Wild, Wild West

Home to gunfights, mining accidents and rampant disease, Cerro Gordo was as rough an Old West mining town - now a ghost town - "home to too many murders to count," Zak Bagans said.

Former Mining Town

In 1867, San Francisco miner Mortimer Belshaw came to town to test the silver. He discovered high amounts of lead in the ore, which was worth more than the silver at the time. He helped form the first mining company in Cerro Gordo. Several guests at the Belshaw house have reported paraormal sightings, including two child spirits.

Boom to Bust

By the late 1870s, the price of silver began falling, and most of the easiest-to-reach ore had been mined. The town quickly faded away and by 1888, Cerro Gordo was practically deserted. After the mining dried up, Belshaw moved on to Jackson, California, where he became part owner of the Kennedy Mine — a location we investigated last year.

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Land Without Laws

The town had saloons, hotels, brothels, gambling, gunfights and rough mining conditions. But two things this town didn’t have in those early days: churches or a sheriff.

Abandoned But Lively

Today, a few old buildings are all that’s left of Cerro Gordo. But those buildings still have a story to tell.

Cerro Gordo Cemetery

It’s unknown how many people are buried in Cerro Gordo’s cemetery. The official records burned in a fire, and so many of the old grave markers were made of wood and disintegrated over time.

Lost Souls in the Mines

In the early 1870s, a group of Chinese miners were sent to dig out an area of the mine, now called, The China Stope. They failed to reinforce the tunnel, and a cave-in buried all of them. Approximately 30 men died during the accident, and their bodies are still buried there today.

UFO Sightings

The paranormal activity here isn’t confined to ghosts. The caretaker, Robert Desmarais, and his wife have also had UFO sightings. Considering Area 51 is only 100 miles away, it’s not a surprise.

The American Hotel

The American Hotel in Cerro Gordo Ghost Town is very active. Hotel visitors claim to feel something when they enter the hotel. The poker room has been of particular interest because of a man that was shot in there. There is a bullet hole and blood stains where the man lost his life. Visiors enter the room and immediately have to walk out. The crew captured similar energy in the same spot where the man was shot.

Cold-Blooded Killings

Cerro Gordo’s last shootout occurred in December of 1892 when miner Billy Crapo walked out of his cabin one morning and gunned down Cerro Gordo postmaster H. B. Boland, then shot John Thomas in cold blood near the post office. Thomas survived his injuries, but Boland was shot dead on the street.

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