Ghost Adventures: Clown Motel & Goldfield High School Pictures

Ghost Adventures heads to Nevada, and Zak lives his nightmare. He faces his intense fear of clowns as he investigates the Clown Motel, while Aaron & Jay explore an abandoned high school.
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Facing his coulrophobia (the clinical term for fear of clowns), Zak Bagans prepares to investigate the strange activity that has been happening at The Clown Motel in Tonopah, NV.

Named because of the huge assortment of clown paraphernalia, The Clown Motel has experienced unusually high amounts of paranormal activity.

The First Tonopah Cemetery is only a few feet from the Clown Motel and is most likely the source of the paranormal activity that people have experienced at the motel.

14 miners (who were also some of Tonopah's pioneering residents) were laid to rest in the First Tonopah Cemetery due to the Tonopah-Belmont Mine Fire of February 23, 1911.  At the same time, the "Tonopah Plague" swept through town and caused over 66 deaths, many of whom were buried here, too.

A housekeeper at The Clown Motel, Andrea Selig, says that she has experienced extreme anxiety in all of the motel's rooms before and has seen doors shut by themselves.

Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley film a drone shot over the Clown Hotel and the First Tonopah Cemetery.

Established in 1907 yet closed for the past 60 years, the current caretaker at the old Goldfield High School (Lisa Pappalardo) has been experiencing so much paranormal activity that she decide to call the guys in to investigate.

In a bathroom similar to this one, caretaker Lisa Pappalardo saw the apparitions of 2 students just as the Ghost Adventures crew was arriving at the high school.

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Jay Wasley come to the high school prepared and ready to film.  They first attempt a burst EVP session in the bathroom in the hopes that they can contact the spirits that Lisa saw. 

Inside of this girl's shower room, caretaker Lisa Pappalardo says she has seen a little 8 or 10 year-old girl before who appeared worried or upset. 3 dolls are placed in the room now.

An old classroom in Goldfield High School. Zak believes that students' spirits could possibly be trapped in this school because of a domineering principle who once caused students threaten to walk out of class.

Caretaker Lisa Pappalardo leads the crew through the high school, explaining her strange paranormal encounters.

A newspaper cutout of Catherine Mizzi, the daughter of The Clown Motel's owner, who investigated the cemetery with Zak and Billy.

Jay films a shot of Zak looking over the First Tonopah Cemetery as the sun sets. Zak and Billy will be staying to investigate The Clown Motel while Aaron and Jay will be at the Goldfield High School.

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