Ghost Adventures: Colorado Gold Mine

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Idaho Springs, Colorado, traveling deep into the eerie Phoenix Gold Mine. Once there, Zak Bagans learns about a heinous murder that haunts the mine and the entire team makes contact with a tiny, malicious spirit known as a Tommyknocker.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew prepares to launch an investigation into the mysterious Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs, Colorado. 

Zak Bagans

Zak readies his tripod, looking for shots in front of the crumbling mine structure.

Phoenix Gold Mine

Phoenix Gold Mine volunteer Jo A. Pettit alerts Zak to some bizarre activity in one of the active mines, prompting an investigation into the site. 

Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans and Chuck Zukowski

Jay and Zak interview paranormal specialist Chuck Zukowski outside the entrance to the Phoenix Gold Mine. Chuck shares insight into the Tommyknocker—a small, mischievous creature that is said to inhabit the mine.

Phoenix Gold Mine

The Phoenix Gold Mine has been up and running since 1871, but just what haunts the tunnels today? 

Phoenix Gold Mine

The iron doors that lead to a deeper section of the Phoenix Gold Mine.

Phoenix Gold Mine

The track leading to a fork in the road inside the Phoenix Gold Mine.

Phoenix Gold Mine

The crew uses plenty of caution during the investigation as the mine itself can be dangerous—and who knows what entities might be lurking around the corner. 

Phoenix Gold Mine

A tribute to one of the miners who lost his life in the Phoenix Gold Mine, Ray Anderson. 

Phoenix Gold Mine

The locked entrance to the Little Stone chapel.

Hank Herbert

Local gold miner Hank Herbert walks down the tracks inside the mine. He warns the crew not to enter the Comstock mine—but it’s a little late for that. 

Phoenix Gold Mine

An entrance into one of the mine shafts.

Big Jim

Big Jim, a tour guide, tells Zak there are definitely Tommyknocker trolls in the mine. Also, he says he’s smelled bacon cooking in the mountains. (So, Tommyknocker trolls like bacon? A delicious possibility—although we can’t confirm.)

Al Mosch

Al Mosch has owned the Phoenix Gold Mine for nearly 30 years. 

Al Mosch

Owner Al Mosch tells Zak the story of how two men were murdered just outside the mine back in the 1950s. Tourists claim to have seen the figures of those men inside the mine. 

Al Mosch and Zak Bagans

Al Mosch shows Zak a map inside the Phoenix Gold Mine.

Phoenix Gold Mine

A map of the Phoenix Gold Mine.

Bill Chappell's Lab

Billy and Aaron get a special tour of Bill's laboratory. 

Phoenix Gold Mine

Bill Chappell brings some new equipment to test out during the investigation. 

Aaron Goodwin

Aaron prepares to go deeper into the Phoenix Gold Mine with the rest of the crew. 

Phoenix Gold Mine

During a late night investigation, strange noises seem to be coming out of one of the buildings. But what is the source? Big Foot? A bear? A baby bear?

Nope. A raccoon. 

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