Ghost Adventures: Commander's House

Zak and the crew continue their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific at a former military installation near Astoria, Oregon, that's haunted by a tragic past and home to an aggressive entity.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The iconic Peter Iredale shipwreck.

Peter Iredale

The ship ran aground at Clatsop Beach, hitting so hard that three of her masts snapped from the impact. The captain ordered the ship be abandoned and its remains have been here ever since.

The Wreck

Although the ship has been broken up by wave, wind, and sand over the years, the ship continues to be a tourist attraction, and possibly even a haunted one...

Commander's House

This house may not stand out at first glance, but this place holds secrets. If this house is haunted, we have no doubt the nearby fort also holds something dark. We’re going to trace the steps of the former commanders over to the batteries that once fired into the graveyard of the Pacific.

Then to Now

Take a glimpse into the past via this wonderful archival photo that can currently be seen inside the building. Built in 1905, this house was built for the commanding officers of Fort Stevens and their families. It remained in military service for 50 years.

Commanders of Fort Stevens

For 50 years, this was home to various commanders in charge of Fort Stevens. These men were tasked with defending the graveyard of the Pacific.

Spirits on the Stairs

These stairs inside the commander's quarters are where a former housekeeper had a terrifying experience. One day, she felt an ice cold rush of wind go by her. She thought a window was open, so she turned to look and that’s when she was pushed down the stairs by an invisible force. She went down both flights of stairs and ended up with a knot on her head from the fall.

The Top Floor

The top floor of this house seems to be the worst for employees and guests. Objects have been moved and voices have been heard.

Fort Stevens

Welcome to Fort Stevens! It was established in 1863 as a Civil War-area earthworks fort that grew through the coming decades. The first death at the fort occurred on May 19, 1868, but there were many more to follow.

Overlooking Oregon

The Oregon scenery is truly breathtaking, but not without being shrouded by a veil of death by the surrounding graveyard of the Pacific.

Inside the Fort

The fort has seen many shipwrecks and dozens of bodies wash up on shore. Any region surrounded by this much death is going to have more paranormal activity and that's why the team is here.

Battery Lyman Mishler

Battery Lyman Mishler was built at Fort Stevens between August 1898 and June 1900. It’s the only gun installment of its kind in the world.

Battle Stations

The graveyard of the Pacific is like a monster that eats ships and souls. These guns once fired 650-pound cannon rounds into the mouth of the beast.

The Bunkers

This massive complex included underground bunkers that would be used as listening posts during the Cold War.


Fort Stevens marked the first bombing of an American fort on the continental United States since the War of 1812. Once the shells started falling, soldiers manned their stations at Battery Russell. For 20- 30 minutes the shells fell around Fort Stevens.

Uncovering History

On June 21, 1942, at 11:30 p.m. an enemy Japanese I-25 submarine surfaced near the mouth of the Columbia River. The Japanese captain heard there was a military fort nearby, but he wasn’t sure where. So, he began firing his cannons in the vicinity of Fort Stevens. The fact that this structure still stands today is a testament to its structure and the manpower that went into its construction.

Untold Stories

Anywhere you go inside Fort Stevens, you can feel the spiritual and emotional weight that the soldiers experienced during their service here.

Don't Get Lost

With this remarkable history, it's no wonder people believe the Fort is haunted.

Preparing to Investigate

The Fort Stevens cemetery has 246 recorded bodies buried there.

Touring the Grounds

The "Whispering Giant" totem was built to honor the Clatsop people who lived in Astoria. For thousands of years, people have lived here at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Honoring Those Lost

The graveyard of the Pacific has claimed hundreds of lives over the years, and this memorial in Astoria pays respect to those who were lost at sea.


A woman named Robyn was wandering across an empty field parallel to Battery West near where it meets Battery Mishler when she heard a whistle. When she looked up, she noticed an image of a man, he was dressed in full uniform and had many medals and shiny buttons. He stood above her on the battery looking down.

Meet Jeff Davis

Zak meets with a local historian named Jeff Davis. Jeff He has written, edited, or contributed to over a dozen books on history relating to the military, history, and legends and haunts in the Pacific Northwest.

Lockdown Time

Could the spirits of the soldiers who used to walk these grounds still be here?

Graveyard of the Pacific Continues

The crew prepares for their lockdown inside Fort Stevens and the commander's quarters on this next stop along our tour of the graveyard of the Pacific. Saturday at 9|8c.

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