Ghost Adventures: Crazy Town Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX -- a town now known for its “crazy water.”
Episode: Crazy Town

Nick and the GA guys travel to Mineral Wells, TX, to investigate the Baker Hotel.

The town of Mineral Wells is famous for their mineral water, which is said to have healing powers. In the Baker Hotel’s heyday, people would travel from all over the country to drink the water, believing it would “cure what ails them.”

Nick performs interviews inside the Baker Hotel, which closed in 1972 and has remained empty ever since.

The guys learn of plans to renovate and reopen the Baker Hotel, as well as the deaths that occurred in the hotel’s history.

Zak, Nick and Aaron sample mineral water at the Famous Mineral Water Co. With lithium as one of its main components, this "crazy water" was all the rage in the early 20th century as a therapeutic treatment for a number of ailments.

Mineral Wells, TX, sits atop natural aquifers loaded with water filled with minerals, thus the name. This water bottle statue sits outside the Famous Mineral Water Co.

Zak makes a new 4-legged friend.

The Baker Hotel was a popular spa destination in the 1930s and 40s.

Before the lockdown, Zak examines the Baker Hotel.

The massive (and now abandoned) hotel rises 14 stories over the town of Mineral Wells, with 450 guest rooms, 2 ballrooms, a bowling alley and a swimming pool.

Zak and Aaron strategize for the lockdown at the Baker Hotel.

Aaron films inside the Baker Hotel. Before the lockdown, the GAC talk to building inspector Tony Stubblefield, who tells them about the death of a young girl who mistakenly, and tragically, thought she could leap into the swimming pool from the 11th-floor balcony.

The guys talk to Mark Rawlings, a contractor who's working on the hotel’s renovation. Mark takes Nick to the 7th floor to see the room of the former owner's mistress, who killed herself in the hotel.

The guys are ready for their lockdown at the Baker Hotel.

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