Ghost Adventures: Deadwood Pictures

In a special two-hour event, Ghost Adventures embarks on a full-scale investigation of Deadwood, SD, America's most notorious and violent Wild West town, full of powerful paranormal activity.

Ghost Adventures Crew in Deadwood

Billy Tolley, Jason Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Aaron Goodwin filming on Deadwood, SD's Main Street. 

Tatonka, a member of the Lakota tribe, educates Zak on the Native American influences in Deadwood.

Aaron getting scenic shots of the Black Hills for the Ghost Adventures' €œDeadwood: City of Ghosts -  Halloween Special.

Ernie LaPointe explains his experience with the spirit of Seth Bullock to Zak, while the two of them explore the Black Hills surrounding Deadwood. 

The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood where Seth Bullock's spirit still remains today.

Bullock Hotel Casino

Aaron prepares for an interview at the Bullock Hotel casino. 

The Ghost Adventures crew interviews John Juso at the Bullock Hotel bar. He has endured many experiences with paranormal figures in the hotel, including the spirit of Seth Bullock.

Zak Lit in Red

Zak prepares to interview John Juso, head chef at the Bullock Hotel. 

Aaron Goes Hunting

Aaron in the basement of the historic Bullock Hotel in Deadwood. 

Post Interview

Zak outside of the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood where they came to investigate several reported encounters with the spirit of Seth Bullock. 

Zak explores Whitewood Creek in Deadwood for the opening scene of the Ghost Adventures Halloween special, '€œDeadwood: City of Ghosts.' 

Where Wild Bill Hickok was shot by Jack 'Crooked Nose Jack'€ McCall during a game of cards.

Where the spirit of Wild Bill Hickok still lurks. The sitting manager of the theater heard a disembodied voice whisper into her ear in the room next door.

The Ghost Adventures crew embarks on an investigation into the Fairmont Hotel in Deadwood.

Dining Area of the Adams House

Zak analyzes the dining area of the historic Adams House in Deadwood with Jay and Aaron. 

A rocking chair located in Mary's room at the Adams House in Deadwood has been seen to be rocking without anyone sitting in it.

On this page, Adams wrote about the sudden and tragic deaths that occurred to his wife, daughter, and granddaughter in the span of 48 hours. An inkblot left on the page has been retold to be the result of his tears hitting the page as he was writing this entry.

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