Ghost Adventures: Demons in Seattle Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to Seattle to validate claims of a powerful demonic force living inside a home.

Interview with Dave Schrader

The Ghost Adventures crew speaks with paranormal investigator and Darkness Radio host Dave Schrader, who has also looked into the reported supernatural activity at Keith Linder's home.

Filming in Seattle

Zak Bagans continues his conversation with Dave Schrader on the street in Seattle.

Linder Home in Seattle, WA

Keith Linder's rental home in Seattle, where Keith has reported being trapped by a dark spirit after a mysterious fire was set in his office, burning 3 Bibles.

Inside the Linder Home

Zak Bagans and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew speak with Keith's girlfriend, Tina, who's terrified of entering Keith's office.


There are many unexplained markings in Keith's office, such as upside-down Native American symbols and the "666" on the closet door.

Demonic Symbols at the Linder's

More demonic symbols on the walls inside Keith's home. Keith and Tina’s requests for help, including to the Catholic Church of Seattle, have gone unanswered.

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