Ghost Adventures: Edinburgh Manor Pictures

Ghost Adventures travels to Iowa to investigate a spirit known as the Joker, which haunts Edinburgh Manor, a building scarred by murder, suicide and mental illness.
Episode: Edinburgh Manor

Another Lockdown

The lockdown crew outside Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove, IA. 


Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley prepare for the lockdown at Edinburgh Manor.

Edinburgh Manor

The front of Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove, IA.

Beginning the Shoot

Jay films Zak outside Edinburgh Manor.

The Basement

Edinburgh Manor’s basement, a place no one would want to visit at night.

Eerie Tunes

Sheet music rests above a piano at Edinburgh Manor.

Forgotten Files

The old medical files that hang in Edinburgh Manor are left over from its days as a home for the mentally disturbed.

Where's the Joker?

Is the spirit of the Joker there, down a hall in Edinburgh Manor?

Soft Glow

An eerie pink light peers through a room in Edinburgh Manor.

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