Ghost Adventures: Exorcist House Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the notorious Exorcist House in St. Louis for their 100th episode.
Episode: Exorcist House
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Zak, Nick and Aaron inside the Exorcist House, the site of the most famous possession in paranormal history.

The possession that occurred at this unassuming house in St. Louis was portrayed in the critically acclaimed movie, The Exorcist.

In their investigation, the guys hope to find out if the same demon that possessed the little boy back in 1949 still resides inside the house.

In this house, having a little extra spiritual protection can’t hurt.

This bedroom is where the 1949 exorcism took place.

Zak films Aaron behind the house.

Jean, who lives next door to the house, offers her opinion on the paranormal activity in the house.

Dr. William Bradshaw, a renowned demonologist, lectures the guys about the dangers of demonic possessions before their lockdown.

The guys meet with Eileen Dreyer, the great niece of Father William Bowdern who was the lead exorcist in the exorcism that happened in the house. She refuses to go anywhere near the house.

Will Zak, Nick and Aaron communicate with the demon that made this house so famous? And can they keep themselves safe from possession?

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