Ghost Adventures Fan Evidence

See some of the best paranormal evidence submitted by Ghost Adventures fans on Facebook and in our haunted community.
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Photo By: Renge D.

Photo By: Josh S.

Photo By: Kyle S.

Photo By: Josh M.

Photo By: Lesa D.

Photo By: Windy C.

Photo By: Cheryl C.

Photo By: Scott R.

Photo By: Kristi H.

Photo By: norma74

Photo By: SEOPI

Photo By: jwx18x

Photo By: dollofvoodoo

Photo By: Beth92584

Photo By: EricaKayx3

"The day of my grandpa's funeral and there he is behind my grandma, arms around her and all." -- Renge D.

"This was caught at Waverly Hills last June. There was only one other group left at the building besides ours, and they were all on the same floor as us." -- Josh S.

"This was taken at the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, CA, back in summer of 2009. My grandmother is to the left in the picture and you can see a full body apparition standing next to her." -- Kyle S.

"I captured this mist outside of the Manor House next to the famous Stanley Hotel. It is coming out from the window to the outside ... tried to debunk as cigarette smoke but it did not match the pic at all. Not sure what we caught but it's very cool!" -- Josh M.

"This was taken by my sister at a cemetery when we were on a public ghost hunt. If I wasn't there myself I wouldn't have believed it. I call it my ghost angel." -- Lesa D.

"We called a late grandpa to come be in our photo, 'Grandpa! Grandpa!' Click -- this is what we got! Amazing! It looks even cooler when you zoom in." -- Windy C.

"I had taken some photos with my android of my new apartment here in Buenos Aries to show friends on FB how I was trying to make it look more homey with candles, etc. But in one of the photos I noticed what I thought was a reflection or glare on the window -- until I looked closer and saw I'd kept the window open that night. So I increased the contrast in Photoshop and saw this weird little head complete with candle light reflecting on it's cheek!" -- Cheryl C.

"Taken at the Moundsville, WV, prison during the New Year's party inside the walls of the prison in their training facility." -- Scott R.

"I went on a ghost tour in Roswell, GA, which is about 30 minutes from where I live. We were walking through a cemetery and I snapped a photo. What I believe I caught is a full body image of a man who is know around there as the Scotsman who leads you around the cemetery. If you look to the right of the screen you can see what looks to be a face as well. Best image I've caught yet!" -- Kristi H.

"We were visiting my father's grave in my home town. In several photos taken there seemed to be lights and orbs. In one photo there are beams of light down over my daughter's shoulders. My father really loved his granddaughter." -- norma74

"Ghost nurse in window of the Old County home, an infirmary and orphanage." -- SEOPI

"My sister and I were playing around with our new cameras on Christmas Day, when my sister captured 3 photos in a row with a black mist forming above me in the first picture and gradually disappearing in the second and third pictures. Happy ghost hunting!" -- jwx18x

"This is an empty hallway in Building 64 on Alcatraz. The hallway is off limits to visitors and the entranceway has a metal barricade. I've been told that it looks like a person sitting in an electric chair. The only problem is Alcatraz never had an electric chair because they didn't have death row. Show with a simple point and shoot 35mm camera." --dollofvoodoo

"I took this picture shortly after feeling a brush across my arm. So I snapped the picture in the direction that I felt. Sure enough, this little blue orb showed up towards the bottom of my stairway. When I zoom into look at it, it has a full color spectrum. Kinda like a bubble, but this was no bubble, of course! I did not see this at all before the picture, I just felt its presence. I might also add that the day this happened was exactly 9 years since my grandfather's passing and I can't help but to feel that it was his spirit." -- Beth92584

"This was taken at the Grand Rapids Museum in Michigan. I took this of my mom, my stepdad and my little sister. The funny thing is that I took a picture right after this one and it has nothing on it, but this picture has an orb and it looks like there is a face within the orb ... creepy!" -- EricaKayx3

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