Ghost Adventures: Fear Factory Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron visit Salt Lake City to investigate a Halloween attraction that was once an abandoned cement factory and seems to be plagued by satanic forces.
Episode: Fear Factory
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Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin film on railroad tracks behind the Fear Factory. The local firemen shared their story of when they were called because someone had been decapitated on the train tracks.

For the last 3 years, this 100-year-old cement factory in Salt Lake City has been operating as a permanent, Halloween attraction called the Fear Factory.

During the investigation, Zak Bagans interviews several witnesses to the paranormal activity at the Fear Factory. Many of them believe the spirits that lurk there are demonic.

Beautiful and haunting graffiti works of art line the walls at the Fear Factory.

During the investigation, the guys learn that one of the employees at the Fear Factory admits to reading satanic verses aloud when performing from a book he found buried and abandoned in the silo.

Zak is never shy to try on costumes, and the Fear Factory has no shortage of scary masks.

The devil's signature 666 marks the exterior of the Fear Factory.

Zak films a witness to the paranormal activity at the Fear Factory before getting her story.

Zak dons a respirator and a Go-Pro camera before heading into the underground tunnels hidden beneath the Fear Factory.

Aaron goofs around with a few of the haunted house’s skeletons.

Nick takes in the décor of the year-round Halloween attraction housed inside the former cement factory.

Zak and Aaron prepare themselves for their lockdown in one of the creepiest locations yet.

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