Ghost Adventures: Fox Hollow Farm Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew heads to the Carmel, IN, to investigate Fox Hollow Farm, an 18-acre estate that was once the home of an alleged serial killer.
Episode: Fox Hollow Farm
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Zak sets up his camera at the base of the staircase.

This 18-acre estate was once the home of alleged serial killer, Herb Baumeister. In the 1990s, Baumeister, a seemingly straight-laced family man, was suspected of murdering several gay men.

Billy and Jay set up as Zak, Nick and Aaron discuss how they will approach the investigation.

The backyard of the farm is where Baumeister allegedly disposed of his victims’ remains.

The office and library of Fox Hollow Farm.

A view of the home’s master bathroom, which belonged to Herb. The current homeowners, Rob and Vicki Graves, believe Herb’s presence is here – they think he wants to be close to his victims.

Zak, Nick and Aaron film in the home’s billiards room.

The entrance and staircase at the Fox Hollow Farm.

While living in this second-floor apartment, Joe LeBlanc would hear the door knocker violently bang on the door, to the point where the door violently flew open on its own.

Aaron, Nick and Jay adjust the equipment for the next shot.

Homeowner Vicki admits to seeing a legless apparition in a red t-shirt, walking into the woods. She suspects it could have been one of Herb Baumeister’s victims.

During the investigation, the guys learn that Herb would pick up men at local gay bars and then invite them into his home. He would then perform acts of erotic asphyxiation, which sometimes went too far, leading to the strangulation and death of his victims.

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