Ghost Adventures: Franklin Castle

Zak and the crew travel to Cleveland to investigate the most haunted residence in Ohio. Whispers of murder, suicide and arson have led many to believe the majestic mansion carries a deadly curse.

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Photo By: Neil Bernard

Welcome to Franklin Castle

The crew descends upon Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio, a place they have been wanting to investigate for a long, long time. “Every paranormal investigator in the country has heard of this place,” says Zak.

Full of Secrets

This castle is a house with secrets. On the outside, it looks like a gothic castle plopped down in the middle of the city, and on the inside, there are hidden passageways and tales of a dark, violent past.

Tiedemann Tradegy

Some say there’s a curse that haunted the family who built it — the Tiedemanns. Built in the early 1880s as a home for Hannes Tiedemann and his family, the castle seemed to consume its occupants. Their history is full of unexpected deaths and tragedy.

Family History

Hannes lost all six of his children and his first wife, Luisa, during his lifetime. Three of his children died within the walls of the ornate home.

Curse of the Tiedemann Family

In 1929, Hans and Luise’s 39-year-old son Carl jumped off a bridge immediately after a minor car accident — his death was ruled a suicide. A local newspaper said he was suffering from “peculiar nervous tension” for months leading up to his death.

Bones in the Walls

In 1980, a medium living in the home claimed Hannes’ spirit reached out to her and revealed he had a hand in his children’s deaths. The truth? We may never know. However, in 1975, unidentified bones were found in the walls of the home. The coroner said they were old and “brittle to the touch.”

Paranormal Activity

Everyone who has stayed at the castle has experienced something dark. One witness believed he was in the middle of an earthquake, with the chandelier swaying and shaking. He ran outside only to find it was just this house.

Renovation Reports

There have been reports of disembodied voices, poltergeists and even violent attacks. Recent renovations have stirred up even more activity, so the owner called the crew to investigate.

Haunted Castle

Author and historian Bill Krejci spent four winters living at the castle beginning in 2016. He’s had so many strange experiences that he co-authored the book, Haunted Franklin Castle.

Vivid Dreams

Zac Webb, an artist and former resident of the castle, says he had vivid dreams while living there. In these dreams, an old woman approached him and questioned him about someone being murdered in the house. Subsequently, his paintings began to become much darker.

Disturbing Occurences

Helen Mirceta and her husband lived in the castle in the early 1980s. They both experienced unexplained activity, and most disturbingly, her husband would hear the sound of crying babies coming out of the wall. The Mircetas placed a tape recorder in a closet in an effort to capture what they were hearing, and the result was even more shocking.

Day One

Day one of the investigation led to a lockdown the crew will never forget. What evidence will they uncover at this notorious location?

Lockdown Time

Don’t miss the all-new investigation of Franklin Castle this Thursday at 9|8c.

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