Ghost Adventures: Gates of Hell House

The crew are in Las Vegas to investigate intense paranormal activity at The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror, an infamous haunted attraction where employees have reported brushes with a terrifying shadow figure and violent demonic entities.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Fear is contagious. When you have a location that’s designed to make you scared — to the point where they make you sign a waiver before you go in — the fear that's sparked is going to open up a portal. What comes through may not be tied to the specific location, but may be tied to the people who pass through.

R-Rated Attraction

The attraction was one of the first to give itself an R-rating, requiring guests to be at least 17 years old and to sign a waiver.

Extreme Haunting

This haunt is so extreme, it seems to have opened up some kind of rift between our world and the next. Employees have been mysteriously scratched, pushed and had entities follow them home.

Fear is Contagious

When employees heard we were coming, suddenly everyone opened up about their paranormal experiences. It was finally okay to talk about it.

Haunted Visitors

What defines a haunt? Does it have to be an old building? Or could it be the items and people you bring inside? We’ve learned from experience that sometimes you have to throw what you thought you knew out the window.

Jaw-Dropping Terror

The jaw opening mimics the intended reaction of the audience.

Inside the Attraction

Everywhere you look on the Freakling Bros haunted attraction complex, you will see something disturbing.

Satanic Symbols

When this attraction was designed, real satanic symbols were painted into the sets; not just 666 and pentagrams, but other authentic symbols. We suspect they may be messing with forces they don’’t fully understand.

Help From Witches

At one point, employees were so uncomfortable that they brought in real witches to say a blessing. The owners aren’’t sure the blessing had any impact because this area is still plagued with dark forces.

On Location

Zak films at the Freakling Brothers Circus.

Lockdown Time

Zak and Jay take a moment to compose themselves before continuing to investigate.

Interviewing Witnesses

Zak interviews John Hamaker, a former employee at this haunted attraction. The night of his experience, he felt nauseous throughout the entire shift. During his 10-minute break, he actually threw up. But, the worst part came at the end of the night when he was in the parking lot right outside. He felt his back burning up. When he lifted his shirt, there were three scratch marks down the center of his back. One of the managers said he must have leaned against something in the attraction. However, he was wearing a t-shirt, a dress shirt and a tuxedo jacket and there were no rips in any of those clothing items. There's no way something scratched through all of that material and caused raised welts on his back. He was freaked out, and quit that night. He didn't even care if he got paid for the one night.

All-New Investigation

What scratched John? Ghost Adventures returns Saturday at 9|8c.

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