Ghost Adventures: Glen Tavern Inn Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the Glen Tavern Inn, a former brothel, speakeasy and gambling house, in Santa Paula, CA, with special guest investigators.
Episode: Glen Tavern Inn
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The Glen Tavern Inn is a Santa Paula, CA, landmark. Back when Santa Paula served as a location for many of Hollywood’s Westerns, the hotel hosted guests such as John Wayne and Rin Tin Tin.

Zak, Nick and Aaron walk through the gardens outside the Glen Tavern Inn.

A sign posted outside of the Glen tavern Inn proudly proclaims the age of the hotel and its historical landmark status.

The boys prepare for a take outside of the inn.

The Glen Tavern Inn fell on hard times during the Prohibition Era, so its third floor was converted into a brothel, speakeasy and gambling house.

But because so much of this illegal activity took place in secret, there is very little documentation of the violence and corrupt activities from that period.

The guys film inside the lobby at the Glen Tavern Inn.

Because the guys always want to bring a healthy amount of skepticism to any investigation, they ask Billy, unaware of the stories surrounding the inn, to do a solo nighttime investigation in room 307 the night before the lockdown.

Zak films an interview inside the Glen Tavern Inn.

Cameras are set up in one of the rooms in hopes of catching an entity on film.

Zak stands in front of the Glen Tavern Inn, which goes by the motto “Where the Past Comes to Life.”

It's up to the guys to delve deeper in search of answers and a greater understanding of the Prohibition Era, the people who visited the hotel and the dark marks they may have left on the building.

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