Ghost Adventures: Grand Canyon Caverns Pictures

The Ghost Adventure crew explore a desecrated Native Americans burial site at Grand Canyon Caverns.

Preparing For the Caverns

Aaron and Jay filming Zak at the entrance to the Grand Canyon Caverns.

T-Rex Cavern Whimsy

A dinosaur marks the front entry to the Grand Canyon Caverns.

The Crew Prep For Shooting

Zak shooting inside the cavern's kitchen.

The GA Crew Arrive

The Ghost Adventures crew arrives at the Grand Canyon Caverns in style.

Hualapai Tribe Elders

Jay shooting the Hualapai tribe elders at the original caverns entrance. It is said that many Hualapai tribe members were buried in the caverns centuries ago. It is the spirits of these tribesmen that haunt the caverns today.

Conversation in Cavern Museum

Zak, Billy, and Aaron talking to a one of the Grand Canyon Caverns employees. The door behind them is the elevator that goes 210-feet below the ground to the caverns entrance.

Dope on a Rope

The dope on a rope exhibit outside the Caverns adds humor to an otherwise serious lockdown

Selenite Crystals

Jay and Zak with some Selenite crystals found inside the caverns

Preparing to Descend

Zak poses inside the elevator entrance to the caverns.

Cavern Details

The caverns are filled with off shoots and tunnels, many of which are off limits to visitors.

Lighting the Dark

The caverns are pitch black so interior lighting was brought in to illuminate the area.

Underground Inn

There is a full hotel inside the caverns where guests can stay the night. Many have claimed to hear moans, unknown noises and even had rocks thrown at them.

50 Year-Old Rations

Boxes of rations were stored inside the caverns during the Cuban missile Crisis. They were never used but are still good to eat today. In fact, Zak tried a cracker that was over 50 years old during his trip and said “That’s a good cracker”.

Caverns Upon Caverns

A mystery room inside the caverns.

Walkway to Nowhere

An old walkway inside the caverns that leads to a now off-limits area.

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