Ghost Adventures : Haunted Harvey House Pictures

Ghost Adventures travels to Las Vegas, NM, to investigate the Castaneda Hotel and the Plaza Hotel.

©Hotel Cataneda

©Hotel Cataneda

Las Vegas, NM

The Las Vegas, NM, train station.

Let's Get Started

The crew outside the Las Vegas, NM, train station, preparing for the investigation of the Hotel Castaneda and the Plaza Hotel.

Hotel Castaneda Courtyard

Zak Bagans outside the Hotel Castaneda courtyard in Las Vegas, NM.

Inside Hotel Castaneda

The run-down interior of the Hotel Castaneda.

Time to Think

Zak analyzes a room at the Hotel Castaneda.

Ray of Light

Jay Wasley films down a dark hallway in the Hotel Castaneda. Notice the ray of light at the end of the hall; it’s coming from a sculpture that seems to be a focal point for spirits in the hotel.

Haunted Hallway

Looking down a battered hall in the Hotel Castaneda.

Shadowy Stairs

Aaron Goodwin by the shadowy stairs of the Hotel Castaneda.


Zak reflects on the investigation by the stairs of the Hotel Castaneda.


Zak gets prepared to search the Hotel Castaneda.

Damp Floors

The large, damp floors of the Hotel Castaneda.

Courtyard View

An archway into the courtyard of the Hotel Castaneda.

The Plaza Hotel

The front of the Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM.

The Haunted Room

Room 310 in the Historic Plaza Hotel was once the office for the hotel owner, who is rumored to still haunt the old building.

Plaza Hotel Basement

Zak and Aaron stare down a cave that leads to the basement of the Historic Plaza Hotel.

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