Ghost Adventures: Haunted Hollow Forest

Zak and the crew investigate reports of a mysterious gray entity haunting an ancient plot of land in West Haven, Utah. They uncover compelling evidence that suggests the paranormal creature originated with a shaman's curse.

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Ghost Adventures Crew

Welcome to Haunted Hollow, the site of Thursday’s Ghost Adventures investigation. Located in West Haven, Utah, Haunted Hollow is home to an annual Halloween attraction during which guests are led through the most chilling parts of the 12-acre property, including caves, tunnels and abandoned mine shafts.

Welcome to Haunted Hollow

… But the haunted attraction may actually be haunted. The forest has been home to reports of darting shadows, mysterious whispers and "The Gray Man," an 8-foot-tall alien-like creature.

Terrifying Trails

Haunted Hollow is filled with terrifying trails for guests to explore and they’re not the only ones leaving scared. The year-round caretaker refuses to walk on the trails at night for fear of what’s lurking around after dark.

Mountain Backdrop

The mountains and desert that surround the area drove animals to the banks of the Weber River, which runs through the Haunted Hallow property. It’s such a beautiful backdrop for what should be an intense investigation.

Spirits Live Here

On the property sits a 2,000-square-foot building. Even though the building is less than 20 years old, the spirits that plague the forest have already made their way inside. Several people provided accounts of a "strange" feeling on the second floor.

Enter Here

This tunnel entrance is part of the Haunted House attraction that Haunted Hollows hosts every Halloween season. Enter if you dare!

Uneasy Feelings

At night, the ghastly figures above the Victorian-style light are sure to make anybody uneasy.

Dark History

Zak speaks with local historian Sue Bodily ahead of the lockdown. She believes Haunted Hollow is truly haunted because of the extreme violence among three primary groups: the Ute tribe (who occupied the land for thousands of years), Canadian fur trappers (who arrived in the late 1700s/early 1800s) and Mormons (who arrived in the mid-1800s). The groups fought over control of the land because of its prime location for hunting and setting up camp.

Witnesses Speak Out

Zak meets with Scott Lowther on the trails. On two occasions, he experienced a spirit trying to attach itself to him, and he repeatedly heard the name "Veronica" while feeling increasingly weak and sick. Also, when he entered the abandoned mine shaft he, once again, felt ill and uneasy.

Paranormal Activity

The Ghost Adventures crew isn’t the first paranormal team to investigate Haunted Hollow. They met with investigator Vio Wolf of Paranosis Paranormal to hear about her experience looking into this paranormal hotspot.

Lockdown Time

Join the investigation this Thursday at 9|8c! (You can live-tweet along with us by using the hashtag #GhostAdventures!)

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