Ghost Adventures: Haunted Hollywood Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew heads to Hollywood, California to explore the darker side of this legendary town.

The Ghost Adventure Crew Prepares

Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley prep for filming Zak Bagans' interview with Scott Michaels, owner of Dearly Departed Tours for the Hollywood Sign.

A Terrifying Look Down

Park Rangers, who guard the Griffith Park area, have reported seeing the ghost of the actress "Peg," who committed suicide off of the 50-foot Hollywood sign in 1932.


Within Griffith Park is a beautiful and old merry-go-round that visitors have claimed to see the ghosts of children on.

American Legion Post 43

Built in 1929, Hollywood's American Legion Post 43 was established for military veterans, but was also a social club for Hollywood's most famous 1940s actors and social elite.

Setting Up The Shot

Zak, Aaron and Jay set up an establishing shot outside of the American Legion Post 43.

Serious Steps

A stairwell inside the American Legion where a 90-year-old bar manager, Marshall Wyatt, fell and died in 2000.

Casper - Your Barkeep

The Art Deco bar inside the American Legion that Marshall Wyatt managed.  Current manager, Terry Duddy, says they call Marshall's spirit that resides inside the Legion, "Casper."

Marshall Wyatt Room

The Pool Room of the American Legion that was then named after him, the "Marshall Wyatt Room."

American Spirits

An American flag hanging from the American Legion Stage. Psychics have felt the spirits of such famous actors as Charlie Chaplin (who drank at the bar) inside of this establishment.

Capturing The Scene

Zak and Aaron film inside the American Legion.

American Legion Calm

The upper level of the American Legion during the daytime.

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