Ghost Adventures: Hauntings of Vicksburg

Let the Vicksburg saga begin.

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

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Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Photo By: David Rorick

Ghost Adventures Crew

Vicksburg, Mississippi, which is settled alongside the Mississippi River, may appear to be your typical sleepy, Southern town. But the spirits at rest here are anything but quiet.

Welcome to Vicksburg

With a population of more than 20,000, Vicksburg’s history is steeped in violence, death and mystery. Much of its past is tied to the Civil War, which tore through the town in the early 1860s.

Meeting the Mayor

And even an ominous warning from Vicksburg’s mayor, George Flaggs Jr., won’t stop the Ghost Adventures crew from undertaking this city-wide investigation. (But maybe it should have…)

McRaven Mansion

Step onto the grounds of the McRaven Mansion, and you’ll begin to feel something’s not quite right. Dubbed the “time capsule of the South” by the current owner, Dr. Steven Reed, the building is the oldest standing structure in Vicksburg.

Historical House

During the Civil War, the home was used as a field hospital. As many as 12 Confederate soldiers died here, and they’re still buried on the property.

Elegant and Mysterious

The McRaven Mansion features an elegant exterior in pristine condition. You get the sense that you’re stepping back in time even before you walk through the front door.

Supernatural Sightings

Employees of this historic home have seen darting shadows, full apparitions, and some have even been knocked off their feet by unseen forces.

Reminders of the Past

Antique items help keep the history alive here at McRaven Mansion.

More to Uncover

But there’s more to be found on the grounds, and the Ghost Adventures crew is determined to find something. Armed with metal detectors and shovels, they’ve been given unprecedented access to the property.

Downtown Vicksburg

The Ghost Adventures crew explore two buildings in downtown Vicksburg: the Genella building and the Antique Doll and Toy Museum.

Unknown Entities

Karen Davis, owner of the Genella Building, is worried about the effects the spirits in the building are having on her family, and she won't enter the basement.

Don't Go to the Basement

In the basement, there were once horse stables and slave quarters. Fellow paranormal investigators have claimed to see shadow figures here.

Dolls & Demons

Mike Bakarich owns the Antique Doll and Toy Museum, which is covered wall-to-wall with dolls of every shape and size. Mike believes there are spirits attached to certain dolls in the shop, and their presence can be felt by those inside.

Unsolved Murder

Another curious building in town is the former lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks. Back in 2005, there was a murder on the property, which was never solved. The building was officially closed in 2014.

Unsettled Spirit

Some say the spirit of the victim remains there, unsettled, and unable to find peace.

Renovation No-Go

The current owner, Malcolm Carson, is attempting to renovate the property but keeps experiencing unexplainable setbacks that he attributes to paranormal activity.

Haunted Hospital

The Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, which has been closed since 1989, saw countless deaths and untold horrors due to the smallpox outbreak, the Civil War and the yellow fever epidemic.

"Save Me"

Paranormal investigator John Bullard says he feels something aggressive in the building. Witnesses have been pushed down stairs, scratched, and had their hair yanked by an unknown sinister force.

Playground for the Restless

A former treatment room for patients suffering from diseases like yellow fever and smallpox now rests in a decrepit state as nothing more than a playground for restless spirits.

Champion Hill

Finally, a visit to the Champion Hill battlefield — the bloodiest conflict in the siege of Vicksburg — brings the entire investigation together.

Exploring the Grounds

The Champion family originally founded the land in the mid-1800s, with the living member being Sid Champion V.

Sid Champion and Zak Bagans

Sid has an ever-growing list of supernatural activity from the property, and with more than 567 acres of land, there’s much to explore.

Resting Plot

The Champion family has a resting plot right on the grounds, going back to the death of Sid Champion I.

Moment of Reflection

Zak and Aaron pay their respects to the deceased members of the Champion family, and take a moment to comprehend the amount of bloodshed and death that has taken place beneath their feet.

Vicksburg Saga Begins

“The Hill of Death” — ominous, right?! Get ready for the Vicksburg saga. You won’t want to miss it.

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