Ghost Adventures: Heritage Junction Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the remains of Heritage Junction, a historic train station outside of Los Angeles, and hope to solve an almost 100-year-old murder mystery.
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Nick Groff films Zak Bagans in front of an old steam engine on display at Heritage Junction in Santa Clarita Valley, CA, just outside of Los Angeles.

A mannequin sits at a desk inside Heritage Junction Historic Park to give visitors an idea of what this building would have looked like back in its heyday.

Zak stands in front of the Saugus Train Station, one of the buildings that makes up Heritage Junction.

Aaron Goodwin sets up his shot. This station, along with the surrounding buildings, was relocated to county-owned land in order to preserve the history of the Santa Clarita Valley and prevent the structures from being demolished.

In 1916, Margaret Rutledge was shot through the heart and found in her bedroom here in the Newhall Ranch House, part of the Heritage Junction Historic Park.

Nick films Zak in front of the Saugus Train Station.

This map of Heritage Junction shows each of the 7 buildings that make up the historic park, which encompasses 4 acres.

The guys conduct an interview with the Parrys, psychics whom Zak invited to help investigate the Newhall Ranch House.

Nick stands behind an old broken wagon. During the investigation, Nick is personally touched by information uncovered by the psychics.

The Ramona Chapel on the grounds of Heritage Junction was built in the 1920s. It was moved here from Culver City, CA, in 1987 to make room for the Santa Monica Freeway.

Will Zak, Nick and Aaron solve the mystery of Margaret Rutledge’s murder? Or will the evidence they discover only lead to more questions about the paranormal activity that abounds at Heritage Junction?

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