Ghost Adventures: Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital

Zak and the crew investigate a former tuberculosis hospital in Gooding, Idaho, that's been converted into an inn. The owners and their staff have been terrorized by whispering voices, ghostly children and the spirit of an angry old man.

Gooding University Inn

This building is all that’s left of the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital in the town of Gooding. Today, it’s an inn that’s haunted by countless spirits.

Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital

We can't help but think about how a person might feel as they were getting wheeled into this hospital, knowing they may be leaving in a body bag. Those emotions sink into every building on this campus and on these grounds.

Filming Begins

In 1941, the property was given to the state of Idaho for the development of a Tuberculosis hospital. Six years later, the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital opened and Tenney Hall became a dormitory for nurses. Between 1937 and 1947, tuberculosis claimed the lives of over 500,000 people in the United States alone. Many people died while in the care of this hospital.

Invisible Killer

Locals hated the hospital being here in Gooding. They believed it was dangerous to bring all of these sick people to town. During a plague, society loses its mind. You wonder if an invisible killer is waiting for you around the next corner.

The Basement

The basement inside the Gooding University Inn is where some of the more hostile negative entities seem to reside.

Powerful Forces

Hotel guests and visitors who have wandered down here basement have been attacked by unseen forces. One witness said it felt like a doctor and patient walked right through him.

Use Caution

Witnesses say the attic and the basement have the darkest energy in the building. People have been pushed and poked down here and investigators need to use extreme caution while present.

Svetlana Brown

Svetlana Brown is the owner of the Gooding University Inn. She and her husband bought the building six years ago. They said they were told the building was haunted when they moved in. With over a century of history and countless people coming and going through here, this investigation is going to be complicated.

Gloria Pawson

Gloria Pawson has worked as a housekeeper at the Gooding University Inn for five years.

Angry Spirit

This room is where Gloria had a terrifying experience when she saw the spirit of an angry man roaming around.

The Attic

The attic is where some of the darker energy resides. The energy is so dark, in fact, that the current owner refuses to go up here anymore.

Witnesses Speak Out

Nick Riggs along with his brother, Carson Reeder, investigated the building about a year and a half ago. It was near the end of the night when he and his brother were talking and something poked Carson three times in the back, as if trying to get him to move out of the way. Carson’s back was near a door, so it couldn’t have been anyone else down there with them.

Never Alone

The family that lives here isn’t alone. They know they bought a building surrounded by death. Some of their staff have seen apparitions, and they’re afraid of an angry male presence lurking in some of the guest rooms.

Lockdown Time

Night falls as the crew prepares for their lockdown inside the inn.

New Investigation

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