Ghost Adventures: Industrial District of the Damned

What does it take to truly alarm Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventurers? In this episode, we find out, as the Ghost Adventurers team spends several nights in a 120-year-old, industrial warehouse in Salt Lake City. The current business owners discovered the remains of a satanic ritual performed in the basement, and the consequences are terrifying. Can the team tackle multiple entities attaching themselves to people, plus a portal to hell?

April 21, 2020
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Industrial District Possession

The Ghost Adventurers Crew are called to a desolate, industrial district, where a century-old warehouse sat vacant for many years. The current tenants are in a state of panic, witnessing evidence of not only a multi-spirit presence, but the feelings of “attachment” and possession.

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Pentagram Discovery

Zak Bagans and his team arrive, discovering the problem is more complex than previously thought. After a break-in on the Winter Solstice — the darkest day of the year — the tenants discovered a pentagram created with flowers and twigs in the basement. These remnants are evidence of a dark ritual, potentially used to summon something non-human.

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Raven's Worry

Raven, the owner of the building, is plagued by depression after cleaning up the ritual in the basement. He cannot shake the feeling that something has attached itself to him, draining him emotionally. He worries that it’s the entity of a woman, naming her The Old Hag.

Most Terrifying Moment

In one of the most terrifying moments in Ghost Adventurers history, Zak Bagans gets an image of The Old Hag himself, seeing a frightening woman cackling. As he sweeps the basement for evidence of the paranormal, the energy in the room repeatedly shifts.

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The Old Hag

Misty Hansen — a psychic medium — is brought to the warehouse to consult. She is convinced that the entity known as The Old Hag is using mirrors to come through to the realm of the living.

Basement Attachments

The basement isn’t the only horrifying issue in this warehouse in Utah. A man who previously worked on the second floor had a “transformation,” according to the other tenants. Once kind and loving, he turned frighteningly cruel. This admission is alarming to the Ghost Adventurers crew — a sure sign that whatever entities are in this building, they have the power to attach themselves to the living.

A Dark Past

Knowing the backstory is always important to the Ghost Adventurers crew. It helps unveil the source of paranormal activity in a place. This warehouse was abandoned for long stretches, and it became a temporary shelter for vagrants. Could several of them have died in the warehouse? Could these souls be contributing to feelings of attachment that are plaguing the tenants now?

Reopening A Portal

Both Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin experience freezing temperatures while moving around the upper floors. They decide to use the Tesla coil, to charge the areas around them and potentially reopen the portal.

Intense Evidence Leads to Historic Case

As evidence continues to mount — from horrifying audio to faces appearing in mirrors to freezing temperatures and the worries of possession by the tenants — this 120-year-old, industrial warehouse in Salt Lake City proves to be one of the most intense cases in Ghost Adventurers history.