Ghost Adventures: Kay's Hollow

The crew heads to Utah to investigate the remains of a large stone cross said to be a dark magnet for satanic rituals, possession and even death. A shadowy figure with red eyes and a strange purple fog leads to one heart-pounding investigation.

Kay's Cross

If you grew up in Utah, you heard stories about Kay’s Cross in Kaysville.

Dark Elements

For decades, Kay's Cross sat out in the woods attracting a dark element. Who built it? Why? And the biggest question: Who blew it up in 1992?

Paranormal Activity

Whoever blew up the cross probably thought the paranormal activity would stop if the cross were gone. It didn’t.

Werewolves Lurking

For more than half a century, people have talked about the presence of a werewolf or a demonic entity that lurks in these woods.

Satanic Rituals

Ritualistic artifacts (flowers, animal bones, etc.) have been found in an offering bag under Kay's Cross. This site has been home to cult activity, satanic rituals and suicides.

The Old Well

The well is old, creepy and emblazoned with satanic symbols on both sides.

Witnesses Speak Out

There are a few witnesses to the paranormal activity at Kay’s Cross willing to tell their stories.

Strange Noises

One night, Mary was walking home past the cross and heard growling behind her. There were no dogs to account for the sound. Later, she found out about the story of werewolves at Kay's Cross and is sure that she heard them that night.

Chants and Burns

Vincent has seen many strange things at Kay's Cross. He's seen a woman in a white dress, heard chantings when he was alone, and was burned on his back when he laid down on the cross for a picture.


Bennett Rayne grew up about 90 minutes away from Kay's Cross, and had heard many stories about werewolves and paranormal and unexplained incidents. When she visited in 2015, she was possessed and had to be retrieved by medics. She says she has never felt a force that dark since.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew investigates Kay’s Hollow, Saturday at 9|8c

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