Ghost Adventures: Kennedy Mine

Zak and the crew investigate two mines in Jackson, California. The Argonaut was the site of a 1922 fire that killed 47 miners, and the Kennedy, which has had its share of deaths, seems to be ground zero for hauntings.

Two Haunted Mines

This week, the crew heads to Jackson, California for one of their most intense lockdowns ever. Kennedy and Argonaut mines are notorious in California for deadly reasons. Though it’s been more than half a century since miners worked these tunnels, the voices coming from below ground are just waiting to tell their stories.

Dark History

The history of the Kennedy mine can be traced back to January 4, 1860 when Andrew Kennedy, John Fullen, James Fleming and James Berringan filed four mining claims, each 120 feet long.

The Kennedy

Kennedy mine was the deepest gold mine in North America when it ceased operations in 1942 after producing more than $34 million in gold.

The Grounds

Over its years of operation, Kennedy mine saw a total of 36 fatalities.

The Argonaut

In 1922, the Argonaut mine was the site of the deadliest mining accident in California history. As the fire blazed on, rescuers held out hope as they tunneled in from the Kennedy mine. The rescue took three weeks with miners working around the clock. No survivors were found and 47 men lost their lives.

George Schopplein

George Schopplein, a local paranormal investigator, was scratched while inside the mining office. He’d never been attacked by something unseen like that and the experience has never left him.

Spooky Vibes

The surrounding buildings of the Argonaut and Kennedy are arguably just as creepy as the mines themselves.

Perfect Conditions

Zak and Aaron get caught in a torrential downpour — the rain isn’t helping the spooky vibes, but it does make for perfect paranormal investigating conditions.

Vance Mueller

Vance Mueller — caretaker of the Argonaut mine and former professional running back — plans to restore the mine and establish a memorial on the grounds.

Dangerous Tour

Vance has been around this mine his entire life, growing up about 100 yards away from an old Argonaut mine shaft. He remembers hearing stories about how people would hear voices coming from the tunnels. He’ll be giving the guys a special (very dangerous) tour of the mine tower.

Mine Office

The mine office is one of the most active buildings on the property. Local investigators claim to feel a heavy energy, almost as if someone or something doesn't want them there. Ready for a peek inside? Catch the all-new Ghost Adventures, Saturday at 9|8c!

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