Ghost Adventures: Lava Hot Springs Inn Pictures

Ghost Adventures travels to Idaho to visit the Lava Hot Springs Inn, a former sanatorium turned hotel. Once used to treat soldiers suffering from nightmarish effects, the mineral baths act as a conductor for paranormal activity.

First Impressions

Zak Bagans peers into the Lava Hot Springs Inn in Idaho. The Native American were the first to believe that the hot springs here had supernatural healing properties, something that is still believed today as the Inn attracts thousands of visitors a year seeking its healing benefits.

The Lava Hot Springs Inn

The Lava Hot Springs Inn was built in 1924 as a hospital and housed wounded veterans of World War I. It is now as an inn for travelers looking to enjoy the healing benefits of the hot springs. 

Water Analysis and Lab Results

Zak Bagans and Jay Wasley analyzing the results of lab tests done on the mineral content of Lava Hot Springs' water.

Shadow Man

The boiler room in the Lava Hot Springs Inn. Some of the Inn's employees have reported seeing a shadowy figure they call the 'Shadow Man' by the doorway of this room.

The Basement

The basement hallway in the Lava Hot Springs Inn.


Jay Wasley, Aaron Goodwin, and Zak Bagans filming in the boiler room of the Lava Hot Springs Inn. The owner of the building, George Katsilometes, once felt a paranormal presence when he was down in this room.

Former Surgical Room

Zak Bagans in the Lava Hot Springs Inn's former main operating room. Due to the natural light coming from the roof, this room was used for most of the surgeries that took place when this building was a hospital.

Old Tools

Old surgical tools from when the Lava Hot Springs Inn was a hospital during WWI.

Room 13

Aaron Goodwin in the infamous Room 13 at the Lava Hot Springs Inn. This room is rumored to be haunted by a woman named Martha who passed away here during a surgical operation.

Exterior Drone Shots

Billy Tolley using the drone camera to capture Zak Bagans at the Lava Hot Springs Inn.

Room 7

Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, and Aaron Goodwin investigating Room 7 in the Lava Hot Springs Inn. A member of a different paranormal investigation was sleeping in this room when he was pushed to the ground by an unseen force.

Zak and the Springs

Zak Bagans sitting by the hot springs at the Lava Hot Springs Inn. The high mineral content of the water makes this area more attractive for paranormal activity.

Healing Area

A swimming area at the Lava Hot Springs Inn. Travelers visit here looking to enjoy the healing properties of the springs.

Native American History

A river flowing through Lava Hot Springs, ID. This territory was first settled by 2 rival Native American tribes. They believed the water in the hot springs had unique healing properties, so they claimed this territory as neutral.

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