Ghost Adventures: Lewis Flats School

Zak and the crew land in Deming, N.M., to investigate a mysterious school situated on land that is soaked with the spirits of the Apache and their violent struggle to keep it from the pioneers during the 1800s.

Lewis Flats School

The former Lewis Flats Elementary School is highly active with paranormal activity. Employees have been attacked in their sleep, and almost everyone who works there is afraid to be alone in the building.

Adobe Deli

The current building was constructed in 1956 and used until the 1970s when it was shut down. In 1978, Van Jacobson bought the building and turned it into the Adobe Deli.

Steak and Oddities

People go well out of their way to visit the Adobe Deli, famous for its steak and oddities.


More than a dozen of the taxidermy mounts were acquired by the owner from an estate sale of a drug lord from Las Cruces, N.M. Some speculate these mounts may have absorbed very negative energy.

The Smoking Room

Hundreds of books are on display in the smoking room; it’s the location of many reported haunted experiences.

Historic Artifacts

Apache artifacts are also part of the Adobe Deli's extensive collection.

The Bar

One of the workers has heard unexplained footsteps in the loft above the bar area, strong enough to shake the wine glasses hanging in the bar.

Reminders of the Past

The old windmill is a powerful reminder of the homesteading history of this area.

Inside the Trolley

While the trolley outside of the building is no longer in use, it's a well-preserved relic from a much different time.

Homestead Hardships

This area, named after the Lewis family who homesteaded it, was no stranger to the hardships of frontier life. During that time, it was a barren landscape and a drought had left the area with little vegetation. You could see for miles. Still, a few settlers saw better days ahead and set up homesteads.

Dark History

On this land there have been raids, conflict, murder, floods, droughts and generations of people trying their best to survive.

The Lockdown

This haunting is complex: all of the unusual artifacts the owner has brought in to this place, the school, the surrounding land — there’s so much history to unpack.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The crew is ready to be locked down in this remote tavern, surrounded by taxidermy and spirits. The all-new episode premieres July 7, Saturday at 9|8c!

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