Ghost Adventures: London Bridge

It might be hard to believe, but in the 1960s, The London Bridge was moved from The River Thames to Lake Havasu, Arizona. The bridge was originally constructed in the 1830s. In the 1960s, it was structurally unable to handle the weight of modern car traffic, and Arizona won the bid to give the old bridge a new home, on the iconic American lake.

As construction crews dismantled the famous structure, however, they made a grisly discovery about its past. Could skeletons in the walls be causing modern tragedy here?

Lake Havasu residents have come to face unexplained phenomenon, from sightings of dark figures to bizarre boating accidents to screams heard in the night. Could the granite of this famous bridge be haunted by ghosts of old London?

April 28, 2020
By: Jenny Adams

Keep Your Head

The London Bridge was completed and spanned The River Thames in the 1830s. It was a time of great superstition and exceedingly harsh punishment in the British capital city. For example, as visitors arrived by boat into London, they would pass the heads of executed traitors, posted on spikes along the gate house. They served as a warning to those who might oppose The Crown. It seems the bridge’s dark past is alive and well in Lake Havasu, Arizona now. Zak Bagans and his team arrive to meet the challenge, head-on (pun intended).

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Past Transgressions

History is the key to unlocking this paranormal activity, and the Ghost Adventures team flies Engalnd, to meet an historian from The London Bridge Experience, to help Zak better understand the horrible moments in this bridge’s history. It’s soon very easy to understand why such a dark energy might surround this inanimate object.

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Local Lore

Vega Higgins and his mother are just two of the locals who’ve had life-altering moments on the London Bridge. Late one evening, they heard angry male voices, urging them to “jump off” the northeast side of the bridge. Nausea swept over Higgins, and a deep sense of unease lingered after the experience.

Ritual Sacrifice

The historian explains to Zak that the northeast gate was the site of a horrific discovery. When teams moved the stones from England to Arizona in the ‘60s, the skeletons of eighty unfortunate people, including multiple children, were found inside the bridge pillars. They perished by a ritual death known as immurement, bricked up alive as a superstitious and sick offering, believed powerful enough to keep the bridge from collapsing.

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Pure Panic

Could these souls be haunting the bridge? As Zak stays above, studying the history and using an underwater drone to check the dark waters beneath the bridge, Aaron and Billy brave the tunnels inside the structure, with no knowledge of its terrifying past. It will result in a moment that Aaron describes as “pure panic.”

Dark Activity

It’s not merely the gate houses, sites of decapitation and immurement that overload this bridge with paranormal activity. Even the lampposts might be to blame. The iron used to create these oxidized, scrolling fixtures was actually melted down from Napoleon Bonaparte’s own cannons - weapons that caused plenty of death in their day.

Historically Horrifying

A blood-curdling scream. The camera goes out. Something begins scratching the wall. The interior of this bridge is a petrifying place. Ghost Adventures has rarely been this historically horrifying.

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